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This Last Week
Posted on: June 6, 2008, at 09:05:08pm   [0 comments]
I've gotten 5 billion points,
Broken into the 300's in Grandtotal,
Reached 100,000 credits,
Played my 10,000th game,
and (the one I'm most proud of)I've finally gotten all of my levelranks below 1,000.

It's been a good FFR week for me. Also, the rest of everything has been pretty good. It's been a solid June so far. Lol.

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billiebee. writes...
at 3:03:01pm on 11/23/10
I can't get into multi. DO you know how??
Ramboltin writes...
at 5:55:05am on 11/21/10
It says vet status is up and that we qualify, but I don't have a thing under my profile picture making me feel more superior yet. Just an "elite supporter" thing.
billiebee. writes...
at 12:09:21am on 9/9/09
Ramboltin writes...
at 9:11:34pm on 2/18/09
Y'all ready for this!?
rarities and b-sides writes...
at 6:17:32pm on 7/28/08
I have 100 FC's.
Ramboltin writes...
at 7:30:14pm on 6/30/08
Just got Blue Army.
rarities and b-sides writes...
at 7:58:21pm on 6/19/08
So guess who can pass Death Piano?
... by pushing all four buttons at once through more than half the song.
Yeah. I had 900 perfects and 700 misses. LOL.
rarities and b-sides writes...
at 3:20:16pm on 6/12/08
Typical. Computers are dumbbbb.
rarities and b-sides writes...
at 9:30:58am on 6/12/08
Did your interweb fix itself up yet?
rarities and b-sides writes...
at 1:27:48pm on 6/10/08
Okay, sugar. I hope your internet gets over it's sudden bout of retardation soon, otherwise you WILL smash your computer. LOL.
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