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Hio. I'm as cute and cuddly as they come so don't be afraid to ask me anything.
Anime, Reading, Video Games, Long Walks on the Beach. <__<
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Electronic, Alternative Rock, Classical, Hip-Hop, Anime OSTs.
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Hagane77 writes at 6:08:34am on 1/1/15
Happy new year ^-^
Hagane77 writes at 3:10:56am on 12/23/14
Im not much on either again :D well, maybe later we both will be back like a bosses ^^ Take care =)
Hagane77 writes at 7:22:40pm on 12/18/14
Welcome back Seph =)
Hagane77 writes at 7:53:52am on 6/21/14
Well im still just playing this like here and there from boredom, so bad i dont rly feel like coming back, but im checking it sometimes to chat so, you can still talk to me if you want ^^ and yeah, doing nothing is best :d have fun there no matter what you do ^^
Hagane77 writes at 5:30:54pm on 6/17/14
Well im fine also :) watching some movies last days, playing sometimes a bit here, but not rly often still, mostly relaxing like you ^^
Hagane77 writes at 5:19:56pm on 6/14/14
Hello~ how are you doing? =)
Hagane77 writes at 12:12:03pm on 5/11/14
heh of coz you will see, if not playing then talking ;p But i probably be back on mashing arrows soon ^.^ And thanks, i will need luck in job hunt ^^'
Hagane77 writes at 6:59:21am on 5/10/14
i lost motivation a bit now. the more times i try to clear Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival with better result, its worse and worse, i guess i went too much hype mode at start (60-100k arrows daily? srsly?) maybe i just need a break so, good luck here~ dont be mad if i dont respond because i may not even look here for some time ><
Hagane77 writes at 4:35:00pm on 5/8/14
heh, i have lot of time while i search for a job ;p and naruto is too long so i dont even start ^^'
Hagane77 writes at 8:35:44am on 5/7/14
(forgot to add on previous) it may sound nice but its really weird to play ^^'