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i rhythm boi Maps wanted to be fc'ed: crowdpleaser. i wanna touch your powerpoints.
rhythm games
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nothing much
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Scripter writes...
at 4:24:48pm on 5/20/19
yea boiii
Antori writes...
at 8:42:45pm on 5/17/19
Pewe >w<
Rapta writes...
at 6:38:17pm on 5/12/19
1000 games is a lot :o
Scripter writes...
at 8:10:39pm on 5/9/19
Drayk writes...
at 7:41:22pm on 5/9/19
Haha thanks for the complimentary part of that self-put-down XD. As for the other part, it's all good haha I am really hit or miss, you should see me some days man, I just hit certain days where I play way above my regular skill, and that's where my scores are usually set (if you look at my top 15, most are in the same day of range of each other haha :P) Also you're still new, you're much better than average for your playtime I think, I only got decent stats so quick because I have no life and play this shit like 24/7 haha, and trust me, that's no point of pride! :P I'd rather be slightly worse at the game and have a life personally haha, so i'm as jelly of you as you are of me ;) (Also I aint shit compared to like D5, D6, and the human-emulating robots that occupy D7 :P) ANyway thanks for the compliment friend, you'll get as good as the time you put in and so yeah, if you wanna be better, just play more, if your life can't allow more playtime, then grats on having a life XD
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 12:38:56am on 1/19/19
First person to post on your wall.