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MrMagic5239 writes...
at 10:57:09am on 9/14/09
I thought you quit lol
L0NEvvolf writes...
at 2:28:59pm on 10/3/08
goodbye and good luck :)
Silver_Brian writes...
at 11:50:34pm on 5/8/08
Oh hey, I remember this guy. =)
Janeille writes...
at 2:22:17pm on 3/31/08
Very funny, very funny.
EAGAMES writes...
at 11:41:24pm on 2/25/08
Hey could I get a vROLF challenge?
Flash_G0D writes...
at 9:12:13pm on 2/24/08
Hey i know alot of people ask, but can you send me a challenge to vrolf, i played it once and got rank 48 on it, and i wanted to play it again but i clicked the wrong button and lost it :'(
Plan_Bsk81127 writes...
at 7:41:41pm on 2/23/08
how long did it take u to get Zephon and {Midnight}?
knuckles2224 writes...
at 11:53:24pm on 1/5/08
Damn you have vrofl lol.
Windscarredfaith writes...
at 12:56:31pm on 12/24/07
Eggsss. Happy Holidays! Go in MP more! You should work your way up to Tier 1! You're definitely legendary material. :P <3
brandonmcginnis writes...
at 7:40:31pm on 11/6/07
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