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Blackskull305 writes...
at 11:28:54pm on 3/10/19
Jax and trills for life my brudda. Dat is de wae!
Soul. writes...
at 2:47:57pm on 3/4/19
Thanks dude! (:
Blackskull305 writes...
at 10:14:14pm on 3/1/19
Haha thanks man! I know right? What gets me about that score is I was sitting at 15-1-1-X after the insane wall, but I choked the easier jackspeed section near the end haha. Not quite sure how I managed to get that. Keep up the insane skill boosts my man! You're my motivation to keep improving :P
evil smoke writes...
at 12:14:12am on 2/23/19
Hi Sanji, thanks for noticing me ♡
I wanted to make a comeback. But not sure if I want to continue on my evil smoke account, as I kinda dislike my username, I'm sorry :(
I'm not much a PA player anymore. But I much faster now~
Godnick writes...
at 10:21:57am on 2/21/19
A lot of practice, hitting the notes hard and hitting them early enough so that the jumps don't go over the receiver, a whole lot of passion as well! You have a variety of nice scores lately but am really impressed with your jacking skills and the double one hander trills are up to pace, that husigi usagi milk tei score is mighty AF. wth is this setup?! Lol too cool, can't believe you did all this in the past 10 days. Hope you get a lot more awesome scores this year! Forgot to mention that JerryDB is really nice and amusing, Probably would be putting up some modern thunderous scores these days.
Xeraphus writes...
at 11:45:27pm on 2/18/19
yeah, i recently changed from red/blue to pink/blue column colors and i just started making monster scores cause i was able to read better
hopefully i keep pushing and make it to top 100 soon
MikeShinoda12345 writes...
at 10:40:49pm on 2/18/19
Don't want to keep spamming FFR Scores with compliments on your scores, but Rengoku is great. You're riding a hell of a skilljump, really really nice
Xeraphus writes...
at 7:01:13pm on 2/18/19
i'm right behind you my friend, #203 to #185 in 1 session today!
Xeraphus writes...
at 4:04:26pm on 2/14/19
wait you're actually going insane, rank 177 now
Psychotik writes...
at 2:08:47pm on 2/14/19
Ye thanks a bunch.
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