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Sa Li El
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Location:Grove City, Ohio, USA
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About me:
My name's Nicholas. I'm 23 years old. I live in Ohio with my girlfriend and despite knowing everything about where I live, there's never a dull moment. I like card games, walks in the park, reading and cooking. If you want to know anything else about me, just ask.
Cooking, card games, video games.
Fav Music:
Celtic music I like a lot, also, some game music.
Fav Movies:
Action movies are pretty fun, but I also like romantic comedies.
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Going to Michigan
Posted on: April 15, 2008, at 02:09:27pm   [6 comments]
I'm leaving for Michigan on the 16th and I'll probably be back the 25th or the 26th. Not like my page is full of people who will miss me terribly, just saying, if you give me a vote or communicate to me in any way, you may not get a response very soon. Maybe I will check this page in Michigan.

Well, everybody have fun with the game and such.

EDIT: I'm back. You five can rejoice for a couple seconds.

Good God
Posted on: April 12, 2008, at 01:59:13pm   [3 comments]
I just passed MAX Forever. First try today. Just missed 2000 Perfects (1971). Had 300-something Misses, 300-something Boos, and 200-something Combo, but oh well. I passed it.

At the end, where, instead of trilling, you just stream for a long time, my eyes glanced at my health bar at one point and it was EMPTY. How did I survive? Jesus. My arms hurt now.

Posted on: April 8, 2008, at 02:12:46pm   [2 comments]
And I don't even have an "Easy" AAA yet. I didn't actually even have a "Standard" full combo! Wow. Really awesome. I am quitting right now for the day hahaha.

My First Skill Token I Actually Went For!
Posted on: April 4, 2008, at 11:37:53pm   [1 comment]
I have been getting skill tokens just by playing the game and trying to get good, a lot of the easy levels have easy skill tokens, so, before now, all my unlocks were accidental.

So, now, I got Starman! I saw a token for Mario 8Bit Eighties in the skill token list, which is an easy level, and all you have to do is hit Good instead of Perfect, which, on an "Easiest" rated level, isn't really harder than hitting Perfect, since they go so slow. First try! Whee!

Posted on: April 4, 2008, at 02:56:36pm   [0 comments]
I full comboed a bunch of Difficulty 4 stuff today, all my first games of the day, and all first try too. The best one was Allison [Heavy], because, to me anyway, it had the most streams, and they seemed pretty fast. Also the Dr. Wily song in Arcade was hard, but I got that one too, maybe this is just the day to play FFR!

Comment wall
foilman8805 writes...
at 10:11:14pm on 10/11/08
I see you logged in about a month ago. At the very least, you show signs of life.
EAGAMES writes...
at 3:58:44am on 8/26/08
Excalibur35 writes...
at 11:06:33pm on 6/18/08
long time XD
so how r u?
EAGAMES writes...
at 9:56:51am on 6/10/08
foilman8805 writes...
at 7:54:18pm on 5/29/08
Wow. Would be nice to hear from you again - hopefully nothing bad has happened to either of you guys.
foilman8805 writes...
at 4:39:38am on 5/23/08
You guys disappeared again. ;_;
foilman8805 writes...
at 2:28:32am on 5/19/08
When do part time hours begin again? This week?
P.S. How did the soup turn out?
Jerry DB writes...
at 3:51:13am on 5/18/08
thanks, Im sure when I start playing alot more I can reach 250 aaa's.
That was great p.a. your getting really good, its a very difficult too.
Im glad I can do something else too, I mean dont get me wrong I obviously love ffr but it gets old if you play too much in one day.
Skating also gives me a tan lol
Jerry DB writes...
at 1:49:12am on 5/18/08
Nice job man, I saw your emerald hill score on erichs profile, very impressive!
Im doing good, I have about 40 vd aaa's now and I have 4 challenging aaa's so I think im getting better.
look in my replays and check out my hyper pressure aaa if you wanna see a good one.
hows the weather up there , Ive been skating all day today since it was so sunny up here. It hit 90 degrees.
foilman8805 writes...
at 1:15:33am on 5/18/08
7 AAA's yesterday made me feel really good. I figured it was appropriate to take it down at that point.
Still waiting for you to get to 25. -___-
Anyways, haven't heard from Sarah in awhile. Is she doing alright?
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