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TBM18 writes...
at 11:24:26pm on 4/27/12
Yeah, but I don't recall the circumstances of when I said that. o.o
TBM18 writes...
at 11:12:22am on 4/24/12
Oh, I don't remember now. I had a good reason for saying that.
TBM18 writes...
at 11:41:44pm on 4/16/12
Riotpolice writes...
at 11:33:03am on 4/16/12
Congrats on Vet Status
Zyphoror writes...
at 12:29:07am on 4/16/12
Congratulations on veteran :3 Welcome to the club.
danielc1234 writes...
at 7:15:21pm on 10/20/11
yes! its me danny lol
KaSource writes...
at 12:06:19pm on 8/2/11
Nice mp game. Dude you're awesome ^^
SKG_Buddha writes...
at 9:47:27pm on 6/10/11
Never, I only go on FFR whenever i have nothing else to do :P
SKG_Buddha writes...
at 9:35:06pm on 6/8/11
You were in multi-player but never replied back or anything
SKG_Buddha writes...
at 8:30:30pm on 5/28/11
Heeeyyy, you there?
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