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The name is Rob. I'm a very nice and chill individual once you get to know me, at first i may be shy but in the end im most def a guy that you will want in your life. Im very active...Like to be outdoors mostly. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, bmxing, chillen with friends and skateboarding the most!! I have this amazing girl in my life named Jessica, and i dont know where i would be without her<3 :) I have switched to spread mostly just to get good at something but i still do play one handed sometimes. Not as seriously though ^_^ So get to know me if you wish and i promise you that you wont regret it in the end. Ask for the cell number if ya wanna chat!
Jessica, Because she is amazing in EVERY way possible! Love youuu<33333 I also Like to BMX, I collect Arizona Tea cans and bottles(at 653 different ones ATM), Chill with friends and just having fun with anything thats challenging. :)
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Rock, dubstep, country
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Posted on: August 17, 2012, at 06:13:37pm   [8 comments]

Done One Handing
Posted on: June 6, 2012, at 03:21:59pm   [10 comments]
Well... not really. BUT i am no longer going to be only playing with one hand. I am going to be getting good at spread and Index so i can actually be good at this game and not be stopping at AAAing Very Challengings and very low FMO'S. Also i wont be playing as much as i used to, at least for awhile til my leg heals(long story)
At least this gives me the incentive to start practicing all styles to be good. I know that people love that i play one handed and that i was decent but i think its time to give up as i suck at it lol
I will more than likely once i get good at all 3 styles be making a video of me playing them to the best of my ability. XD

Posted on: February 5, 2012, at 10:14:05pm   [2 comments]
FMO AAA's (100)

AIM Anthem
Fast Asleep
0 (piano version)
Novo Mundo
The Divine Suicide of K [Heavy]
Demon Beast Appearance
VS Boss Battle
BB Evolution
Bus Rides with People
Disconnected Hardkore
Radio Heads
May The Triforce Be With You
Colorful Course
Ambient Angels
Destination of The Heart
Pure Ruby
Keep In Mind
Still Blastin
Famicom Selecta
Op.10 No.9
Undiscovered Colors
Church Bells
Dance and Zeal
EuroMorroc (Clean Edit)
Pokemon BW - Elite Four Battle
A Flower Garden
I'm Sick of Uprock
Twinkle Of The Stars
The Big Crunch
Southern Cross
Car Sax
Guitar Sounds
Zombie Killing
Carol of the Bells
Ring Ring Bang
Faint Breath
Lorem Ipsum
Her Majesty
Medley Rush #2
Treasure Planet
Arrogant Cobbler
All y'all bitches
Challenge the Final Mission!
Heavenly Spores
New Fluttershy
Future Destination
Distorted God
Papyrus's Adventure
Lawn Wake 1
Sonic the Hedgehog[Dubstep]
Largiloquent Dithyramb
super mario bros theme (original NES is awesome)
Grad Erlija
Pokamen Party
Midnight Dragon
The Replicator
Jeanie & Caroline
Pollyanna Rocks Your World
You Goddamn Fish
Battle Theme #37
Eclipse (Luna)
S.E.B in B.E.D
Resurrection Spell
Posers Listen to Fakebit Music
Fried Eggs in My Ear
Mahou no Oshigoto
Bloody Tears
Futsuu No Uta
Brandish Headless
Saffron City
Crimson Flood
Holy Samba Land

FMO SDG's (79)

FFLBF (6-0-0-0)
Kyrie (2-0-0-1)
Blindfolds Aside (1-0-0-0)
Summer time Perfume (2-0-0-0)
Staring at my Spaceship (6-0-0-0)
Powerpuff Gabberz (1-0-0-0)
Hellhounds On My Trail (9-1-0-3) AND (4-0-1-2)
JULIA (6-0-0-1)
Nanairopanda v2 (1-0-0-1)
Bogey at your Six (0-0-0-1)
Night and Day (1-0-0-0)
Perfect Cherry Storm (4-0-0-1)
Beware the Purple Water (2-0-0-0)
Nix-Tek (7-0-0-2)
Face in the Gutter (6-0-0-0)
Banned Forever (2-1-0-1)
Plasmatextor (3-0-0-1)
Futsuu No Uta (6-0-0-0)
Camel (4-0-0-1) and (Missflag)
CORETOON (4-0-0-0)
Kanon Medley ~Metal Wings~ (1-1-0-2)
Kanon-Kanon (2-0-0-1)
Starwolf (1-0-0-0)
The Rapids (3-1-0-1)
300 (1-0-0-0)
Bloodmeat [Heavy] (2-0-0-0)
Black Key Etude (1-0-0-0)
Grocery Escape Plan (2-0-0-4)
World Tour 2004 (1-0-0-0)
Brandish Headless (1-0-0-0)
Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] (5-0-0-3)
Gravity Blast (2-0-0-0)
Mario Minor (4-1-0-1)
Thrash (4-0-0-0)
Going on Spring Wind (1-0-0-0)
Infinity Hyperspace (4-0-0-1)
Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (1-0-0-1)
Dendrite V2 (4-0-0-1)
Intersect Thunderbolt (1-0-0-0)
Setsujou! Hyakka Ryouran! (5-0-0-0)
Jasmine (Camelrape Remix) (3-0-0-0)
Since 1983 (3-0-0-1) and (1-0-2-0)
G Air (5-0-0-1)
Eradication (2-0-0-0)
Pitch Black (FFR Edit) (6-0-0-0)
Gotta Catch Em All (2-0-0-0)
Stately, Wrong (4-0-0-2)
Phalanx (3-1-0-0)
Spoils (4-2-0-2)
Colibri (1-0-0-1)
Punch You (1-0-0-0)
Yorukumoryuu Yamikaze (1-0-0-0)
Poppin Shower (4-0-0-1)
Magnum (0-0-0-1)
Rottel-da-station (4-0-0-2)
Strangeprogram (3-0-0-0)
Just Why (7-0-0-0)
Pussy Pump (2-0-0-1)
Spaceman (6-0-0-0)
Piano Etude (Demon Fire) [Heavy] (8-0-0-0)
Lightning Strikes Again - Metal Squad (6-0-0-0)
Press start (6-0-0-0)
Passage D [Heavy] (5-0-0-1)
Spirits (2-0-0-0)
Club (4-0-0-1)
When Penguins Fly (4-1-0-1)
Vallista (3-0-2-0)
Buzzards (3-0-0-1)
Bubble Bath Aftermath (1-0-0-0)
The earth blew up (1-0-0-0)
Solros (2-0-0-0)
bmv.578 (4-0-0-0)
Enkan No Kotowari (4-0-0-0)
3020 (2-0-2-0)
Scythe of 13 (5-0-0-1)
Big blue(7-0-0-1)
Pianocore (2-0-0-0)
Throwin' Down (1-0-0-0)
Of course you need... (1-0-2-0) and (6-0-0-1)
Stepfile This (3-0-0-0)

FGO SDG's (48)

NaiNai69 (6-0-0-0)
Frictional Nevada (1-0-0-0)
13th, Friday (4-0-0-1)
Level Skip (7-1-0-2) and (2-0-4-1)
Jamais Deux (2-1-5-2)
Tsugihagi Construction (6-1-0-1)
Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX) (6-0-0-2)
Mermaid Island (5-0-0-2)
BEER (1-2-1-1)
Crash Up Against The Inevitable (2-0-0-0)
Ketsarku (7-0-0-1)
Sleep (5-0-0-0)
Sparkle Downer (7-0-0-2)
Piano Etude (Gymnastics) (4-0-0-1) and (1-1-1-0)
Dizzay (6-0-0-2)
Reality (4-0-0-0)
The Adventures of Lolo (4-1-2-0)
Ultrasounds! (5-0-1-0)
Gunk Tar (3-0-0-1)
Not Our Tomorrow (6-0-0-2)
Pants (9-1-5-3)
My Fxxkin Desire For You (6-0-0-1)
Resistance 4 (7-1-0-1)
Ripoff (2-0-1-0)
ERB (6-0-0-0)
Trisection v2 (4-0-2-1)
Electro Rush x8 v2 (4-0-2-0)
Rotary Slicers (5-0-0-1)
Flesvelka (3-0-0-1)
Honki (7-0-0-2)
Chipscape (5-0-1-0)
Ehhen (2-0-0-0)
Twister (1-0-0-0)
Sleepmis strikes back(6-1-0-2) and (4-0-1-1)
Return to Fire (2-0-0-2)
Casino fire Kotomi-chan (2-0-0-1)
To make the End of Battle (3-0-0-0)
Piano Concerto 1'Anti-Ares' (For Kirby) (4-0-0-0)
Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix) (0-1-0-1)
Go Beyond!! -Jazzy Remix- (9-0-3-1)
All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints(booflag)
Distortion Power (2-0-0-1)
He's a Radical Rat (0-0-0-2)
Nomina (6-0-0-0)
44 Edit(2-0-0-0)
Sokuseki! Nouchoku Music System (2-0-2-0)
Bathwater (1-0-0-0)
Ascension to Heaven (5-0-0-0)


Posted on: November 28, 2008, at 05:44:06pm   [22 comments]

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CDCan writes...
at 2:04:04pm on 6/5/19
137k games played, thats 1337 brah! haha...nice moves tho, fur reel
V-Ormix writes...
at 9:48:57am on 4/28/19
FirstMaple8 writes...
at 6:21:58pm on 3/26/19
new prof pic nice
kmay writes...
at 5:05:19pm on 3/3/19
thats awesome i still have a ton of pain =[
kmay writes...
at 4:42:35pm on 3/3/19
oh nice! how are your wrists and fingers lol
kmay writes...
at 4:40:03pm on 3/3/19
can't believe how much you play this game still lol
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 5:01:43pm on 3/1/19
Done, thanks!
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 2:50:20pm on 3/1/19
Please resubmit your club score. you entered an incorrect combo of 473.
CDCan writes...
at 1:53:07pm on 2/26/19
nice YATA aaa! caught that on the home screen by chance, gg.
Blackskull305 writes...
at 6:42:14pm on 2/24/19
Unlockin' st scarhand heavy b4 otaku oni like a pro lmao
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