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Heya! ym name is a girly name; Jamie! i've grown used to it. Actually, Jamie isn't my real name, people have been calling me that for years now (i dunno why) and eventually forgot my real name! I'm white, brown hair and brown eyes. I'm active as a kid with A.D.D. and just drank a 20L jug of red bull, then later died (who isn't? excluding those fat tubs of lard). I'm canadian, don't say eh (that's a huge stereotype, y'all!), a bit of a jackass, but you get used to it =P. I used to go to army cadets a few years ago, but that changed when idecided to grow my hair long. repelling down a woden wall in the rain= fun, but yet, scary.
let's see. when i have nothing else to do, i ply video games. More than half of the time when i'm playing a video game, you can bet it would be a resident evil game. I skateboard, rollerblade and bmx a hella lot. ask if you want to know more
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too many
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again, too many
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Another trailer?
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Resident evil: umbrella chronicles!
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emoanimegirl4 writes...
at 4:34:17pm on 4/10/07
lol right this minute its 5:43 PM on April 10
emoanimegirl4 writes...
at 2:18:17pm on 4/9/07
lol happy easter! i miss all the candy *sniff* here right now its 3:27 PM and trucks um i think u cant drink from them or somethin.....uh....y eah...lol
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 1:38:51pm on 4/9/07
Apparently not
emoanimegirl4 writes...
at 1:25:11pm on 4/8/07
its ok! Ur the only person on here to actually say Happy Bday anyway so THanx!!!!!!! ^^
emoanimegirl4 writes...
at 9:03:07pm on 3/16/07
OOOOOOH THAT'S YOU?!?!?!? Ok....Anyway my brother forgot his password to FlashFlashKingster (hahahahahahhahahaha in his face ahahhahahahahaha) *ahem* And he got mad at first but after a while he just played Runescape.com 24/7
emoanimegirl4 writes...
at 3:28:45pm on 3/15/07
Heh ya....whats your other account named?
emoanimegirl4 writes...
at 2:16:49pm on 3/4/07
thanx for the random hey...it was very generous of you! ^^ LOL
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 2:48:04pm on 12/6/06
First person to post on your wall.