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Recently graduated with a BA in Psychology. I am taking a semester off from school and work and in the meantime am rehabilitating an emotionally damaged dog.
Snowboarding, reading, gaming, eating, cooking, working out, and others.
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Posted on: December 10, 2010, at 04:23:57pm   [3 comments]
Will be back Sunday. :)
Posted on: December 6, 2007, at 12:30:57am   [0 comments]

I found the twos amusing for some reason.
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mRpREggERs writes at 2:09:04pm on 4/12/13
congratz indeed
ghost- writes at 10:43:31pm on 3/29/11
congrats on seeing a ghost
8 Hour Whore writes at 3:57:35pm on 3/17/11
8 Hour Whore writes at 3:57:25pm on 3/17/11
All you gotta do is check my custom title and it explains all =D
Also, how ish ou? y
8 Hour Whore writes at 3:47:06pm on 3/17/11
Honestly, its not a real proposition for secks. Just my thing =P
So how ish you? =O
8 Hour Whore writes at 3:42:14pm on 3/17/11
Lol why is that everyones first assumption xD
No of course not D=
8 Hour Whore writes at 3:38:58pm on 3/17/11
So I heard you wanna bang =O
Bluearrowll writes at 7:48:59pm on 2/18/11
Congrats on BA In Psychology :D
weblows23 writes at 3:24:06pm on 2/11/11
hey my names nick and if u like DDR the come to 220 north colony street wallingford,ct .......we also have a great selection of games between (xbox360, ps3 , gamecube , pc , wii and more ) stop by 1 day
12 for 4 hours of play !!!! yes i said 4 hours for 12$
Ultimate0 writes at 12:29:41pm on 2/5/11
Thanks for the vote back.