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Nightmare of 1-11-11
Posted on: January 12, 2011, at 03:10:19pm

Setting- Cruise
Time- idk, i was in my early 30s

I was on a cruise with my husband and my child. My husband was out at the casino while i was taking Evalyn, my child who was about 6 years old back to the cabin so she would go to sleep. I walked a few pases foward when suddenly the door slammed behind me and locked. The lights were dim. I turn towards the door to see what happen and i see a small child, about the same age as my baby. Something was wrong i could feel it. The way the child looked at me was frighting, she opened her mouth told me "Take me to the orange place". She kept repeating those words she started yelling them and screaming i couldn't do anything to make her stop. I held Evelyn close to my chest she was shuddering and frozen from fear. Suddenly the lights flickered and i was falling through the floor in pure darkness. The childs words still audioble. When the lights came back on i was in the same spot as before but now, Evelyn was in front of me lying on the floor. I bent down in horror and touched her face, ice cold. there was blood all over the floor, but i couldnt see it. All i could think was my precious angel was dead and i couldnt do anything about it. The Child came up to me ready to kill me as well, but i woke up gasping before it happened.
i have no idea what the orange place is....

  1. wow
    this is very chilling.

  2. that was the scarest shit of life, i was like freaking out

  3. I can see why. The scariest nightmare I ever had was actually not that scary what yoy think anout it. I get my nightmares when I get high fevers. Anyways the dream was about a white round marble. It was on balancing white slab and a blue triangle. Weird? Well it gets weirder. For some strange reason, whenever I would distrust the balance of the ball, I would suffer these extreme strike of pain to my chest. The dream would end once the ball fell and I immediately awoke.
    It's very strange and whenever a I seem to have a high fever, the dream never sieze to come back and haunt me. *]

  4. Wow what an interesting dream.

  5. scary

  6. very >.<

  7. i had a dream when i was like 10 or 11 where me mom was bald and she was gunna kill my dad but my dad was underneath suran wwrap and when she lifted up the suran wrapthe dream was over. then mac from foster homes for imaginary friends. he was saying something creepy and then i woke up and i was like wtf?

  8. o.0 thats just weird...xD

  9. IT'S OBVOUS (Not obvious, just obvous) THAT YOU! HAVE SOME PROLEMZ (Problems like how the spanish people say)AND NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT! Lol I kid, but yeah, a bit weird. Like how I had a dream of falling off a cliff and woke up falling off my bed :D And I had a nightmare a lot time ago when this "Witch" thingy was following me and two other climbers (we were on a mountain for some reason) and she was just standing at the tip of a cliff and she had this upside down star thingy o.o...so I woke up and was like "OMGWTF *dies and gets reborn from Phoenix Down*"..so yeah :X...

  10. XD your crazy dude are u like high or on a suger rush?

  11. lmao i dont got problemz......maybe a lil na jk XD

  12. lmao you sure? x3 naw its k, i've had a werider dream XD