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About me:
I am a person who loves games, I am playing battlefield 3 at the moment but working my way back to this.
My interests are books games cars TV computers skateboarding travel singing music cooking flash flash revolution of course and photography life nature animals anything out going and fun.
Fav Music:
The Music I love hip-hop rap rock Scream o country alternative rock hard rock tech no jazz a lot of oldies.
Fav Movies:
Hackers Big Mama Hancock The Lost Boys Wall-E Super bad
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Location:sacramento, California, USA
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EAGAMES writes at 7:40:10am on 1/13/12
EAGAMES writes at 11:51:26am on 6/30/09
Sacramento ftw.
aaamanda writes at 8:31:00pm on 10/2/08
hey :)
how's it going?
Ikaros writes at 4:14:15am on 8/3/08
hah heyy
youre up late : P
4everdancing24 writes at 2:17:07am on 8/3/08
ty sweetie ;)
Oh and It takes alot for me too find people weird lol. Speak your mind.
4everdancing24 writes at 1:19:27am on 8/3/08
lovelovelove on your page now too :D
reptile3141 writes at 1:22:01pm on 8/2/08
I only have 2 too. D= lol
reptile3141 writes at 1:05:13pm on 8/2/08
I'm doing good, man! How about you?!
P.S You've had girls make you signs!
Ikaros writes at 8:17:41pm on 8/1/08
hah im good just chillin n eating lol
hbu whats up?
all because of you writes at 7:12:47pm on 8/1/08
so what are you up to now?
and yes!! i love your page- but .. its all black! haha- jk ;)
and that single smiley was cute! hee hee
so how old are you dude?
and okk- ill be nice- you get a vote! lol -jk