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My arcade rhythm gaming statistics:
Posted on: December 21, 2016, at 06:30:33am

Dance Dance Revolution: 1 (last played 2015/??/??)
Pump It Up: 1 (last played 2016/12/20)
Pop'n Music: 1 (last played 2014/??/??)
DrumMania: 10+ (last played 2016/11/??)
GuitarFreaks: 5+ (last played 2016/11/??)
DJMax Technika: 4 (last played 2016/??/??)

Gonna update...

Stuff to say:

I rarely get to see rhythm games in an arcade. Though once, on my sister's school trip, in a museum, in the arcade section, there was freakin' Pop'n music! What's better is that it's "free-to-play." Though there was one downside to it. The buttons, you need to push it extra hard to make it work. That's too bad. But it doesn't matter, I got to play Pop'n music before I'm dead. Same with other rhythm games you will never see anymore.

  1. I've never actually played a rhythm game in an arcade ;o Pop and music would be cool though, nice! Having 9 buttons seems insane, I bet it would be really fun ;p
    What about sound voltex? I think that would be a really cool game, I hope to be able to play it one day ;p https://youtu.be/4Umk99g-H94?t=1m37s This looks so crazy, with the turning dials that spin the screen o_O