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Impressions about the 11th OT songs and files.
Posted on: July 16, 2016, at 07:49:09pm

I signed up the tournament as a D2. I got placed in D2. As sign-ups continued, I went ahead and started training for the tournament and I eventually got promoted to D3 in the process. I was then placed to D3 near the end of the sign-ups.

ROUND 1: Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix) - The first file of my first tournament. The song and the file was nice. I just hated the trill parts. I get a lot of goods at that part.

ROUND 2: GIN TONIC FLAVOR - I just loved the white arrow section of the file and the song. Really satisfying to play and to hear. The ending parts just screwed my accuracy.

ROUND 3: Funny Funky Freaky - My 3rd least favorite file of the tournament. It's just really hard and a pain to play. I did not FC. But I am glad that I survived this round. I was halfway there until I could reach the yellow. Usually I get placed top 5 or so.

ROUND 4: Heartache - Now this is where it got really interesting for me! Ever since Undertale got released, I've debated whether to go play and get into Undertale or not. But after playing this file, I've decided to start playing it. I am also glad that Heartache is one of the earliest songs you could hear in the game. It's just simply a great song. It's a really great game for a Touhou and Final Fantasy fan like me. I could say for sure that I'm addicted.

Oh, wait. The file? Yeah, the file is really well made. I just like it! It suits my skill level. This is my favorite file of the tournament. It filled me with determination!

ROUND 5: Meteor Lights - My 2nd least favorite file of the tournament. They say that this file is similar to Funny Funky Freaky. I agree, but it's much worse. It's harder and high up above my current skill level.

Hard files aren't really my specialty. I am more of an accuracy player. I just like to enjoy and play along to the music and not tap like hell and tire myself out. I could have tried harder if I liked the music. Look at Heartache for example, I was first place that round. I wish I was playing in past tournaments where I've heard that you had to really AAA to advance.

ROUND 6: Suicide Pact - My least favorite file of the tournament. Okay, I really can't do this file. Trills are my enemies! Death trills! Eliminate! Had a good tournmament, thank you! I am just glad I got the prizes. My first tournament is definitely crazy and interesting.

Okay, I got eliminated at round 6. I could say that school ruined the tournament for me.