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About me:
I am in high school, I love to hang out with my friends and I love to laugh. I love to meet people and make friends so add me =)
I like FFR Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts and STICK FIGHTS!
Fav Music:
I like How far is heaven and Rockstar by nickleback and Best I ever had by Drake
Fav Movies:
I like alot of action movies or stuff with Jackie Chan in it
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PIKACHU!!!!! Cute =)
Posted on: November 26, 2009, at 11:20:07am   [0 comments]

Ghost Fight. Best stick fight EVER
Posted on: September 21, 2009, at 08:39:26pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: July 15, 2009, at 06:14:56pm   [0 comments]
When oppurtunity knocks...invite it to stay for dinner =)

Never forget that contempment is the greatest wealth

Ones life has the power to be great or bad... how you lead it is all up to you

The heart is simple and gentle....if not treated correctly.... it can become dark and misguided....

one is only as great as their honor... to bad for me I have none...

It is not wise to question... only to act

How can one claim to have honor and become strong if you cannot even tell the truth to yourself or others..

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Rabanastrian writes...
at 3:30:47pm on 4/6/12
Still mobbin!
princess rin writes...
at 9:39:18pm on 12/15/09
ha ha it been to long well i'm back on ffr forever
Jamjamin writes...
at 5:23:17pm on 12/12/09
Arrgh no it sucks! Its been out for a few months and I still dont have it! do you?
kim2302 writes...
at 6:47:08pm on 12/11/09
o-o...bother bother bother...xD
kim2302 writes...
at 9:53:29pm on 11/17/09
xD hahas..lolz o-o just sorry if i bother ya sokays?
Kitsumi25 writes...
at 10:53:19pm on 11/15/09
*glomps* HIII!!!! ^_^
kim2302 writes...
at 5:51:42am on 11/12/09
me? looopy! xD hahas I mean me sokays. lolz..just meh being weird.
meetme writes...
at 6:14:10am on 11/11/09
hello to u too :] and yeah no problem
crazy_panda77 writes...
at 8:25:29pm on 11/7/09
holy crap its its been about a year since i was last on D:
and yes it has been a while a long while x.x;
i've been good i guess
kinda surprised to see someone actually comment me tho :)
how about you?
A_er_ith writes...
at 1:17:10am on 11/1/09
Lol yesh. But I am =D
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