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Posted on: December 15, 2011, at 10:44:43pm   [1 comment]
why am i on this account? nostalgic reasons. This site meant alot to me years back when i lived through my antisocial highschool life and met people on here that meant the world to me. It all seems lost, but i remember pieces of it.
Sob story aside. i might use this account to practice some One-Hand scores. my other account Mapleleaf2102 is too old, password is somewhere out there lost on an unusable email lol. But my newest profile NocturneAunamic has my best scores on it, it wouldnt show any of my onehand scores. so yeah, add Nocturne. I'm not chatting on this profile, just using it for fun.

P.S: you can click the bold names, nub.

Chelsea Smile- Bring Me The Horizon
Posted on: January 25, 2009, at 02:55:51pm   [4 comments]

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purity_angel writes...
at 1:21:26am on 7/10/09
haha hey long time no talk XD.
jessiedb writes...
at 10:08:14pm on 6/1/09
i dont remember you adding me either anymore
i dont get on here much xD
how are ya?
jessiedb writes...
at 4:46:29pm on 4/1/09
hello there
you added me? xD
TheGreatFrikken writes...
at 4:20:35pm on 3/9/09
here's the pic,also if you can edit this to make it look better
TheGreatFrikken writes...
at 4:00:37pm on 3/9/09
let me see
an awesome naruto pic(i'll send you the pic later)
some cool lookin text that says "TheGreatFrikken Insanity" and underneath it says "AMV expert" (i wanna mention that as well XD)
and my icon at the right
TheGreatFrikken writes...
at 10:34:25pm on 3/5/09
dude can you make me a banner like that?
ichliebekase writes...
at 4:34:06pm on 3/5/09
just dropping in to say hii n.n i love you sweetheart!
purity_angel writes...
at 12:52:03pm on 3/5/09
o.o wow your talented then if you can make that yourself. XD if i could create that i would be GOD
and destroy the planet probably.
Lil'Yoshi writes...
at 5:15:18pm on 3/1/09
Thanks for the vote!
phe0nixblade writes...
at 3:31:26pm on 2/17/09
lmao you told mina hes bad
you are terribad at this game br0 sorry
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