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I (evidently) am a giant steel can with a cyclops eye (I have my mama's eye).
Music. Muzic. Muzak. Musiq. Muusic. Flowy clothing. If anyone is up for making music or would like some critique, I'll be more than happy to help. I base song quality of of feel more than technical stuff however.
Fav Music:
there is two kinds of music: good and bad. Bad music is the kind of music that your soul wants to take a crap upon hearing. good music well, I needn't explain what that feels like
Fav Movies:
Masters of the Flying Guillotine, Ghost Dog, Pride and Prejudice, Eraser, The Protector, Jet Li's Fearless, School of Rock
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SnS writes...
at 3:42:56pm on 1/25/08
I am in awe.
SnS writes...
at 2:39:08pm on 1/25/08
Your pic seems like it needs a key.
coolmonkeymusic writes...
at 5:40:50am on 12/29/07
a little bit. kinda scratched up but its still playin smoothly. lol
coolmonkeymusic writes...
at 5:37:22am on 12/29/07
nice robot. thumbs up 4 ya
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 11:07:06pm on 12/22/07
First person to post on your wall.