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CAFK writes at 11:09:56pm on 3/17/12
I realized, now I gotta buy ME and ME2.
D B Cooper writes at 8:39:21pm on 1/11/12
Because you've barely played any games.
You're using this site to attention whore your pathetic self out instead of using this site what it's meant for. Take your social life to facebook.
xXOpkillerXx writes at 6:36:18pm on 12/18/11
Ikr !! I'm so fckn hype haha xd
MarioNintendo writes at 5:01:46pm on 12/18/11
Wow man, thanks. That comment was AWESOME. x))
i will pwn u writes at 9:40:49pm on 12/14/11
Lol thanx .. she gets totally pwnd..
CAFK writes at 7:44:13pm on 12/14/11
For some reason he makes that Santa hat look badass as fuq. I love it.
CAFK writes at 10:13:39pm on 12/5/11
Of COURSE. I have yet to get it though. :< I recently got an xbox so I need my ME.
CAFK writes at 9:51:19am on 12/3/11
Mass Effect hrnghgghghghhg. ♥
Simactive writes at 10:56:25pm on 11/29/11
a hur hur hur!
Winrar writes at 12:50:17am on 11/26/11
Thanks for the vote! I'm loving the Mass Effect profile you got. :D