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Ello everyone. hmm bout me? well i am 16 and have blond hiar and blue eyes. i have 2 pets one cat and one dog. i get on alot so u may see me play some ffr or rs now and then
i played basketball for 3 years, play video games teh other half that i have nothin 2 do. i hangout with my friends and go 2 teh movies now and then
Fav Music:
hmm favorite music? tat would be hard since i listen 2 anything like oldies or rock or pop here and there but if u asked me wat my favorite song was i wouldnt have one cause all the songs i know are great=)
Fav Movies:
Movies that ive seen are get smart which was funny if uve seen the original series long ago, um other movies ill list later cause cant think of any others.
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Saineko writes...
at 6:56:33pm on 8/12/09
Awesome profile.
CandiiKissesxpo writes...
at 8:06:43am on 7/27/09
i've been gooood :P. a lil busy though, so i haven't been on muchhh. you?
CandiiKissesxpo writes...
at 12:45:03am on 7/24/09
just message me when your on and i'll meet ya in the lobby xP
CandiiKissesxpo writes...
at 12:37:43pm on 7/23/09
Have fun with lunch :P. Sorry, i got locked out of my comp for a bit and i couldn't do anyfin :o. i'll make it up to youuu, i promise lls.
SD_CristinaXZero writes...
at 9:31:02am on 2/13/09
Haha, thanks. ^^ You, too. I love dragons! xD
soxowner32 writes...
at 1:00:36pm on 2/8/09
It's fine. I did too and then I had to go to sleep and yeah...
soxowner32 writes...
at 8:06:32pm on 2/1/09
soxowner32 writes...
at 12:10:31pm on 1/31/09
Oh it's fine. Just saying.
soxowner32 writes...
at 1:33:55am on 1/29/09
Hey... It's been awhile, hasn't it?
Dino Boii writes...
at 10:15:46pm on 12/25/08
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