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About me:
Im a guy with buldging abs and nice hair. I love playing on my guitar and working out. I suck at ffr but i just go on here anyways to do something with some friends. Well i also hope some day to be in a band and mabey be the lead guitar or lead singer, some people say i have a good voice, but most people say i have a better scream. Two things i love more then anything in the world are paperclips, and rubber bands, because their so fun to shoot at people and you can do anything with them. I am super terrified of being in water that can go over my head, big spiders, sharp objects that a person is pointing at me, and rabbits. i hade a bad accident with a rabbit once, i dont like talking about it... Yeah. If u want my aim, then just ask me, and i'll think about it.
Playing guitar, listening to music, messing with hair, working out to get my body awesome, singing in the shower, drinking milk, and having a bunch of surgar stuff, and going bezerk.
Fav Music:
Autumn to ashes, 30 seconds to mars, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the fate, From First to last, Greely Estates, Hawthorne Heights , Kill Hannah, My chemical romance, Atreyu, Muse, Nine inch Nails, Tear Down December, Nearest the Positive, Midnight in a Ballroom, Chemical Vocation, Destroy the Runner, A Skylit Drive, Emarosa, Burden of a Day, Hidden in Plain View, A Thorn for Every Heart, These Silhouettes, Rise Against, Sick Puppies, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Darkest hour, Saosin, The Used, The almost, The starting line, Alesana, Sound the alarm, The sleeping, Bless the fall, Blinded black, ice nine kills, Aiden, Drop dead gorgeous, Scary kids scaring kids, Monty are I, Between broken ashes, Fei Comodo, Story of the year, Second hand sernade, The black out pack, the one scremo remix of "Soujia boy", A Kiss for Jersey, Sky eats airplane, Drist, Another Rising, Before their eyes, On the last day, Hopes die last, With hearts of hero’s, Typecast, Coheed to Cambria, Flyleaf, Dear whoever, The silent escape, Bring me the horizon, Dance Gavin dance, Madina Lake, Lost Prophets, Vanna, Jamie’s Elsewhere, A vain attempt, Pierce the veil, Ephen Rian, Before We Forget, Versa Emerge, Bravo Armada, A Better Place, Worthless Without, Promise Divine, Grace Gale, Nemorosa, Reclaim The Fallen, Rising Vacancy, Flair To Failure, Protest The Hero, Yourcodenameis:milo, Raein, Third Day Rising, Open the Skies, Spoken, In times of Distress, Change of pace, A current affair, Armor for the broken, A loss for words, Our last night, The Jonah veil, Divide the day, Gunslikegirls, Strength behind tears, As flames die out, alexisonfire, I set my friends on fire, Devil sold his soul, Emanuel, Dividing the line, Death is not welcome here, Envy, Black tie affair, Hopesfall, Deciding tonight, Sparks the Rescue, All forgotten, Beloved, Sever Your Ties, The Juliana Theory, Heretics and Heroes, That Hideous Strength, Lower Definition, I Got Shotgun, I See Stars, We Are The Ocean
Fav Movies:
(music continued) A second to late, You me at six, All Time Low, Underoath, Side mind, A lost Moment, Here I come Falling, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Saetia, Comeback kid, August burns red, Dr. Acula, I killed the prom queen, Oh, Sleeper, Haste the Day, Inhale Exhale, Norma Jean, Living Sacrifice, Training for Utopia, The agony scene, Haste the day, The academy is…, A Heart well ending, Family Force 5, As cities burn, Parkway Drive, House vs Hurricanes, I Got Shotgun, Gwen Stacy, Her Words Kill, Battle for solace, The Bright star alliance, Violin Skies, City Escape, Broken Scarlet, Drowning Mary Jane, Cry of the afflicted, As I lay dying, Kodan Armada, Neil Perry, Yephet Kotto, Danse Macabre, Dodewaard, Circle takes the square, Paddock Park, Black Riders, Texas Is On Fire, Eternal Lord, The Birthday Massacre, Dope Stars Inc., The Cruxshadows, Razed In Black, Suicide Commando, Neon Synthesis, servo. hatred, Search the city, Vanity Beach, Mozart Season, The Murder Scene Love Affair, Chemical Fix, Chiodos, Closure In Moscow, Dance the Architect, Agraceful, Of the Wolves, I am Waves, This Romantic Tragedy, Emelia, Eyes Like Diamonds, Secret & Whisper, Far-Less, project 86, Ivoryline, Emery, Walking Ashland, Demon Hunter, Jonezetta, Bleeding Through, annotations of an autopsy, Walls of Jericho, Throwdown, It Dies Today, StoneRider, Eyes set to kill, Belie my Burial, Mindisease, Just another Day, The Dying Sun, SniFF, If All Fails, Alex Under, Tokio hotel, Clone the Fragile, Chicago Is Burning, Three Step Rival, and FAMP, As Blood Runs Black, The Faceless, Belay My Last, Through the Eyes of The Dead, The Red Shore, Born of Osiris, Airway, Fallstar, Martyr A.D., Born Of Osiris, Bury your dead, Evita, Elysia, Birth and Burial, Imaginary Lie, Second Thief, and The Axe That Chopped the Cherry
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OMG i mite start comin back
Posted on: April 12, 2009, at 10:05:36pm   [0 comments]
i think i mite actually start hangin around on ffr again, lol, cause like im bored alot, and i just feel chillin and talkin alot soo yeah. :D

Posted on: March 10, 2009, at 09:30:41pm   [0 comments]
i havent been on in forever.... :0

Posted on: November 11, 2008, at 12:05:17pm   [0 comments]
add me im bored...

Friends house
Posted on: September 24, 2008, at 09:38:30pm   [2 comments]
Going to hang out with some dude for the weekend. Its gonna be pretty sweet i guess...

Posted on: September 15, 2008, at 04:21:57pm   [2 comments]
Sweet i have over 200 friends, proving that i have no life... well maybe once i hit like 1000 then anyone can say that. :)

Comment wall
kairi50 writes...
at 4:10:06pm on 11/24/11
ripped much? ;)
Tired_Old_Man writes...
at 6:51:03pm on 4/27/09
Everyone seems to like your music choices which are all emo/screamo, theres a lot of my favorite bands but still...... Shattered Realm biatch!
Tired_Old_Man writes...
at 6:49:10pm on 4/27/09
WOW Your abs are like one quarter of the way to ripped! you must think that you're the fugggginn man or something
bshok6 writes...
at 1:05:28pm on 3/2/09
great picks in music man
Richiiieee writes...
at 2:14:14am on 1/15/09
BTW good music choice, dunno if I saw Escape the fate on there or not.
Richiiieee writes...
at 2:13:51am on 1/15/09
The emo rangers background gave me a good laugh!
NikkiSorrow writes...
at 5:29:04pm on 10/27/08
Hey what's up! :)
vampiresnowboarder writes...
at 5:35:03pm on 10/3/08
nm just hangin out :P
vampiresnowboarder writes...
at 8:48:56pm on 10/2/08
hey hey hey party person
haha waz ^ :]
Spiffy-ness writes...
at 3:14:10pm on 9/29/08
So, I only accepted your friend request because I like your avatar.
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