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Posted on: August 1, 2009, at 01:49:57pm   [0 comments]
i hven't been on in a while. i wonder where every1 has been.

The Bird And The Worm
Posted on: August 24, 2007, at 08:52:03pm   [0 comments]

Town Meeting Song
Posted on: August 23, 2007, at 11:39:19pm   [1 comment]

Emo Song
Posted on: June 7, 2007, at 02:44:41pm   [0 comments]

Comment wall
wargasm1 writes...
at 4:28:06pm on 9/6/09
why arent u jeff? :'(
wargasm1 writes...
at 3:36:51pm on 8/1/09
sup jeff hardy :P
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 4:58:49pm on 6/8/09
yeah, you know it!
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 11:31:55am on 6/7/09
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 5:11:31pm on 6/5/09
oh, that sucks... well i wish you the best in that
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 4:08:49pm on 6/2/09
awww thats lame... but there are always other guys!
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 6:55:26pm on 5/24/09
oh haha... yeah =] most of my friends on here are graduating highschool so figured you were too!
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 11:22:53pm on 5/23/09
UGH. you are graduating?!?! i am sooo jealous -.- i am only a freshman ...
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 7:50:56pm on 5/14/09
oh... ive tried gaia. Dont like it at all = but eh, different strokes for different folks!
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 4:04:39pm on 4/7/09
hey how you been?
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