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TheThong writes...
at 4:26:05am on 1/24/12
Happy Birthday! :)
kairi50 writes...
at 1:01:02am on 12/14/11
um thx im sherie tho ;P im just a huge fan of kingdom of hearts xD and yeah i have finals too next week, hate them :/
kairi50 writes...
at 12:52:46am on 12/14/11
whats sup? :)
kairi50 writes...
at 12:12:25am on 12/14/11
Mukku writes...
at 8:57:05am on 12/13/11
Your avatar rocks man.
wargasm1 writes...
at 11:24:27am on 12/11/11
nice avi
Lorelei- writes...
at 12:05:18am on 11/30/11
Nope. Just play songs on here lol
Lorelei- writes...
at 12:00:52am on 11/30/11
Hmm, yah. Not so rusty anymore lol Still been awhile since I've played FFR but I've been playing way more frequently in the past 3 weeks
Lorelei- writes...
at 11:56:43pm on 11/29/11
Lol Prez. It's Shiki :D Didn't expect people from MKW to be here lool
Synthlight writes...
at 11:17:47pm on 9/25/11
First person to post on your wall.