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w00t w00t
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Trance,techno , rock, some other calm music also
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To many to list
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Sharaft writes...
at 3:33:26pm on 8/25/09
aah, jeg var aktiv ffr player, men holder meg for det meste i vid chat for tia. Er ikke så mye å finne på her annet en forbanna ffr (som jeg er dritt lei av) :P
Jae- writes...
at 6:07:10am on 7/24/09
How the fuck do you put yourself on your own friends list?
Card Man writes...
at 6:24:29pm on 7/23/09
Yes I am.
Sharaft writes...
at 4:20:41am on 7/23/09
halla, ikke noe spess :P en normann som har vært her lenger enn meg? :S
Praf3x writes...
at 2:18:09pm on 7/9/09
yea im terrible sorry. Im little bit tired. ;) . But anyways Keep it strong, :)
XXXsmittyXXX writes...
at 12:48:22pm on 7/9/09
lol you called me a woman
Praf3x writes...
at 2:06:40am on 6/25/09
my second 1100+ Combo
Will FC this Now
Praf3x writes...
at 1:54:39am on 6/25/09
Praf3x writes...
at 1:54:09am on 6/25/09
First 1100 Combo. FINALY!!
prefx writes...
at 9:40:41am on 5/16/09
Our names are similar x,x
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