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Age- you guess, gender, well wouldn't you like to know, but you will just have to guess that now won't you. I'm a strange one, in the good and bad way. Lots to know, talk to me to find out. Ignore my homepage link in my About section, that this is so old I've got new links I'll post here: http://member.mibba.com/129959/
Mostly artistic things. Music, writing(and I'm pretty good at spinning a tale if I say so myself), singing, drawing, spirits, swords, making things. random things. clocks...and I'm not sure why. And as of recently sewing, fashion, cats, owls, and a variety of other things I'm sure I will discover soon enough
Fav Music:
Nightmare of You. Marianas Trench. Scarlet Grey. Great Big Planes. Scooter. Lady Gaga. Settings. Cinema Bizarre. Within Temptation. Rosenstolz. Abney Park. Anberlin. Basshunter. Daftpunk. E Nomine. Frou Frou. Air Borne Toxic Event. the GazzetE. Gorillaz. Jet Lag Gemini. Lady GaGa. Mindless Self Indulgence. Nanne Grönvall. Owl City. Queen. Red Hot Chilli Peppers. All American Rejects. Rufus Wainwright. tATu. The Cranberries. The Weakerthans. The Postal Service. Wolfsheim. Thrice. Yuki Kajiura. Yann Tiersen. Amici Forever. Ludo. Switchfoot. Oren Lavie. Keane. The Beatles, Conjure One. Billy Talent. Bedlight for Blue Eyes. You Me at Six. Love Automatic. Melee.
Fav Movies:
Nightmare Before Christmas. Treasure Planet. Pan's Laybrenth. The Laybrenth. To Rob a Theif. Kill Bill. Sweeny Todd. Monty Python: and the Search for the Holy Grail.Edward Scissorhands. Up. Freak the Mighty. A bunch of kid movies. Scary movies suck cause they aren't scary just grotesque and gory. Love anime though.
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The one good thing to happen this week.

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Xx0ellie0xX writes...
at 11:12:16am on 11/27/13
How are you?
Xx0ellie0xX writes...
at 1:06:10pm on 7/23/13
Yeah. You don't remember me?
Xx0ellie0xX writes...
at 4:03:41am on 7/22/13
Hey :) rly long time no talk how are you?
inuyasha104 writes...
at 12:59:09am on 5/10/13
I win! I actually stayed in touch even when u werent here =) I LOVE YOU!!
inuyasha104 writes...
at 12:03:28pm on 11/23/10
I miss you..<3 =/
Darkabyssal writes...
at 9:27:15pm on 12/16/09
Well then you would be lieing, but if you dont want to have myspace IM we can just talk on here.
Darkabyssal writes...
at 7:30:11pm on 12/16/09
Well if you want to talk to me more you'll learn to live with it? lol
RockerSam writes...
at 11:36:24pm on 12/13/09
yeah i restarted the computer n it was still there.... i mean i hav gotten it be for but it nvr stayed after i restarted the computer
RockerSam writes...
at 12:06:34am on 12/13/09
grrrr my profile chat isnt worken!
i think someone hacked onto my profile...
RockerSam writes...
at 11:58:54pm on 12/12/09
sorry my computer lost internet n i had 2 restart it
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