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I'm not your daddy! 8D
FFR, DDR, DeviantART, drawing, writing, and banging your mom.
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J-POP -screams-
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datenshi-requiem writes...
at 2:32:06pm on 3/4/08
Awe were you?
That's awesomeee!
I was born in San Francisco too.
that's cool. Yeah there is a big difference.
Tired_Old_Man writes...
at 12:41:14pm on 3/4/08
srry :/ its the engineer from Hellraiser 2. thanks though
datenshi-requiem writes...
at 9:41:51pm on 3/3/08
Awww cool ^_^ I'm going to have to look up your pictures.
I love looking at other peoples pictures!
The contest was pretty damn amazing.
Oh so you're gay?
That's awesome =]
I live right by San Fran.
There are more gays there than straights. Hahah.
I'm moving there for that reason.
Amazing peoples.
datenshi-requiem writes...
at 9:23:51pm on 3/3/08
That it was!!
I had soo much fun taking those pictures.
Even though the whole time my mum was bitching for not being fast enough :p
At least I got something out of it for her screaming!
Did you participate?
Jaito writes...
at 8:55:53pm on 3/3/08
well, you obviously need to grow up =) kthxbai now stop talkin to me.
Jaito writes...
at 8:54:03pm on 3/3/08
ah, well my mistake, your avatar mistook you for a male. Upon lookin that you don't have pictures. And no, you are 12. and u need to get laid, and sorry I don't want you.
Jaito writes...
at 8:51:17pm on 3/3/08
good to know. =)
Jaito writes...
at 8:50:59pm on 3/3/08
oh and btw, when your balls drop, and you become a man, you can come to me for advice. Until then, your childishness is not welcome. Please do not send me messages acting like a 12 yr old non-pube boy. Get laid. Get hair. get droppin dem balls. kthxbai
Jaito writes...
at 8:48:58pm on 3/3/08
well, i mean if I photoshopped so hard, maybe you could go find the picture of the cannon, i so photoshopped onto my fakely photoshopped body. kthxbai.
PalladiumAlchemist writes...
at 7:52:34pm on 1/20/08
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