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I am [N/A] who like to do [N/A] This is why [N/A] !
FFR, Dofus, CPU, Killing underage chil... I mean Having fun with my friend... um... yeah...
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Everything but not EMO, COUNTRY, RAGAE!
Fav Movies:
All but not discusting movie... ( I do love Zombie movie :D )
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albaneenesk8r writes...
at 12:35:28am on 9/4/09
this... is a pile.
Corriinee. writes...
at 10:58:40pm on 9/3/09
Haha, okay. Merci beaucoup. (:
SK8R43 writes...
at 10:43:18pm on 9/3/09
lol thank you and no problem! :)
Shortboyownz writes...
at 7:31:08pm on 11/23/08
Dear Plam,
I am sorry for doing that on Multiplayer. It was a joke that was not meant to be taken so harshly but it was. I promise not to ever do that when I play with you. Your a cool guy and i dont wanna loose your friendship. :D
Sincerely, Shortboyownz- AKA The Spammer LOL
logo d writes...
at 12:53:01pm on 10/25/08
i also have dat picture from ur avi
beah-is-my-name writes...
at 3:07:43am on 8/5/08
allo moi aussi je vie a shawi mais genre grand-mere mes ses ds sawi et je joue a dofus de fois touka si jamais sa tinteresse met moi ds tes friend et ven mlaisser ton msn a+ voila ma photo
Hakulyte writes...
at 9:44:13am on 8/1/08
Le 6ième aussi. :p
kingdom_heart-FF writes...
at 9:37:40am on 8/1/08
tu veu jouer en mp avec moi?
AOD_ELEMENT writes...
at 10:46:21pm on 7/31/08
i kept being an asshole and unplugging my internet when i played people just to piss em off rofl then i got banned when i hit lvl 30 3 times
AOD_ELEMENT writes...
at 10:43:38pm on 7/31/08
play a song in mp you mean? i would as much as i want to but im banned from mp im a bad kid lol
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