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13th Official Tournament!!
Posted on: July 2, 2020, at 09:11:23pm

Alrighty so hopefully this time I don't lose internet access for a month right in the middle of the tourney, that would be pretty chill. I am moving to a completely different setup mid tourney though so we'll see how that pans out. That being said, I'm super hyped to see all the wonderful files to be released this tourney, especially since it's my first time in D7!


Round 1
D7: Inferno of Fomalhaut ~ 2-0-0-0 ~ Cutoff 12-1-2-3
First off can I just say this file absolutely slaps. The polystream at the end is so much fun, this is absolutely one of bmah's best files and one of the most fun files on FFR. Night 1 I played 5-10 times, going from a sightread 7-0-0-0 down to a sweet 2 clean. Both goods were kinda weird, so I know I can AAA, but I fluked my way through all of the difficult sections that run (and it was a fluke), so it wouldn't be easy. I absolutely would not mind grinding this file though, so I'll keep on trying!

Round 2
D7: The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix) ~ 11-0-1-0 ~ Cutoff 8-1-2-3
Oh boy. In stark contrast to round 1, I absolutely hate this file, though to be honest it's more of a "mad cuz bad" situation than anything actually on the file's part. I was nervous when I saw the preview because it looked like this hit a bunch of my weak spots (particularly jacks) but figured it would be fine cause of the low speed requirement. Turns out it hits even more weaknesses than I was expecting, cause the jacks get me in the second half, but I also have trouble reading the first half. This is the type of file where my theoretical best possible score is way, WAY better than my actual PB--I'm actually a bit worried about passing this round.

Round 3
D7: HeadXplit ~ 3-0-1-0 ~ Cutoff 20-1-4-4
Well, I made it through R2, and so accomplished my goal for this tourney. Second to last passing score. Really glad that I did, because this fits my strengths much better--with 3 hours left in the round, I'm placed 4th, so this will make it through comfortably. Actually got this score on the first night, and the miss was a little questionable, so it really could've been 3 clean (which would be 2nd lol). I've seen seemingly most of the division complaining about this file being weird and awkward, but I don't find it so at all except for one or two 32nd bursts in the intro. Skillsets are weird I guess. I do think that the Round 4 file also fits my skillset pretty well, but it definitely looks like a significant increase in difficulty from this, so I might have a battle in front of me regardless.

Round 4
D7: Chronomia ~ 1-0-0-1 ~ Cutoff 4-0-0-1
Another file that suits my strengths very well--my 1-0-0-1 PB was actually my second play of the file. Unless some serious shit goes down in the last few days, I feel pretty confident of passing this round, which is a whole 2 rounds further than my goal. I thought this was a bit overcharted in the preview, but it's smooth and fun to actually play, so I like it. Also one of the prettiest songs with a file this hard imo.

Also, fuck: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/687117095

Round 5
D7: Vantablack ~ 19-0-3-1 ~ Cutoff 9-0-2-3 [Eliminated 11/37]
And so I'm eliminated. Ouch. This round kinda went exactly as I expected, though; the file wasn't really great for me nor was it terrible, so it really just came down to who was faster & more consistent, and that was not me. GGs to all in D7, t'was fun. I made it a lot further than I expected, and getting as close to Top 8 as I did in my first tourney as D7 is something I'm proud of. I'll continue to ghost the rest of the tourney in D6 & D7 and update this log, though.