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12th Official Tournament!
Posted on: August 11, 2019, at 03:24:23pm

yooooo let's go. D6 again this time, though the funny thing is I'm D7 by the 11th official's standards. Glad I'm not D7 now though cause I'd just get annihilated. I'm gonna ghost D7 anyway tho


Round 1
D6: Ambient Ooparts ~ AAA
Wow, that was way more of a pain than I expected. Sightread 3g, next try was a blackflag with 5 notes left in the file. This kinda triggered me so it took like 10 more tries to nail afterwards. The file's extremely top-heavy and maybe a little overlayered, but it's enjoyable and I liked it nonetheless.

D7: Super Soaker ~ 5-0-1-0
Oh man... this file. It's one of those ones I'm good at, but don't really enjoy. Which sucks because there's nothing in this that I can't AAA, but I just leak so many fucking goods every time I play it, for some reason. Way more than You Time or Eclipse or whatever. Regardless, it looks like I'd at least make it to round 2.