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gravity writes at 6:48:56pm on 5/24/20
do not visit my profile any more if i catch you visiting my profile i will contact a staff member and you will be banned for visiting my profile
Shxfted writes at 10:43:43pm on 5/14/20
DeciBel1231 writes at 7:22:55pm on 4/17/20
hey u lil piss baby u think ur so fucking cool? huh? u think ur so fucking tough? u talk a lotta big game for someone with such a small truck aw look at those arms ur arms look so fucking cute they look like lil cigarettes i bet i could smoke u i could roast u and then ud love it and ud text me i love u and then i'd fucking ghost you
Gravity Kitten writes at 7:17:24pm on 2/18/20
Shxfted writes at 11:39:00pm on 2/15/20
DeciBel1231 writes at 5:33:37pm on 2/5/20
Mmmmm I love Fanta
DourGent writes at 2:52:42pm on 1/30/20