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If ya wanna know about me just ask, i dont mind. im pretty open to all kinds of people
i have an interest of a wide range of things
Fav Music:
I like metal, rock, and techno. any language of it is fine, especially japanese...
Fav Movies:
i do perfer mystery and anime films but, comedy ones do just fine with me.
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Samwais writes at 4:13:07am on 7/5/13
Thanks for the vote :3
Darkbreezee writes at 12:35:05pm on 10/17/10
hey Bro ;9
u remember me? ;)
nice to see u here back again ^^
Epic cosplays as well ;)
UnluckySoul writes at 5:27:15pm on 10/15/10
Tai!!! <333
Miss you!!
SoulxMaka writes at 9:52:26pm on 12/4/09
UnluckySoul writes at 1:17:57pm on 11/7/09
i would b sooo disappointed...xD lol...=P
Lunar Phantom writes at 7:41:27pm on 11/5/09
UnluckySoul writes at 4:59:25pm on 11/3/09
haha tht looks soo awesome...soo hawt!! lol..and if tht cig was real oh man...u'd c the evil side of me...lol...xD
but awesome job! <3
UnluckySoul writes at 3:47:50pm on 11/3/09
haha ths awesome...i saw tremor's cosplay..he said u helped him...u guys did an awesome job!!
UnluckySoul writes at 5:40:44pm on 11/2/09
lol..im bored...
so u working on any new cosplays?
SoulxMaka writes at 2:17:09pm on 11/1/09
Really? Thanks! You are too~!