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Almost no internet?
Posted on: December 5, 2011, at 05:13:31pm

Terrible internet connection? Have no money? Spent last three days of boredom doing productive things? Got at least three more to kill with nothing to do? Need a game that doesn't need perfectly sustained internet?

O hi FFR. Going to play you now.

EDIT @ 6:15 EST
Starting at FFR rank 5,431 with 1,267,595,070 points. Stands with a 5,110.5986 average rank.

EDIT @ 7:20 EST
FFR rank 5,354 with 1,282,320,610 points. Stands with a 4,975.5914 average rank.

EDIT @ 9:45 EST (Distracted by girlfriend. Women, amirite?)
FFR rank 5,342 with 1,285,155,850 points. Stands with a 4,952.3882 average rank.

EDIT @ 11:00 EST
FFR rank 5,300 with 1,294,419,060 points. Stands with 4,851.1369 average rank.

Calling it short. That was probably the worst marathon ever. Only 45 games clocked and short of 27 million points clocked. 30 million is like my casual play amount. I meant to knock in 6 straight hours and ended up getting only maybe an hour due to distractions, ladies, and problems. Try again tomorrow I guess. For me 200 million is a pretty epic number for a day's marathon. Oh yeah, so some guys can do a billion. Pffttt. I'll try to set a personal best regardless.