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Hey there! I am a former mO2Jam addict, but have been playing the offline version after it got shut down sometime ago. I'm a big fan of rhythm games and aspire to be better each day =)
O2Jam, Guild Wars, Pangya, Photoshop
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Trance, Chinese Pop, Anime
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Posted on: September 9, 2008, at 12:18:38pm   [0 comments]
Am back! For a while, at least lol

Comment wall
DarkRazor writes...
at 8:30:09am on 9/22/09
Haha a levels. I have my own end of year exams to prepare for too so its kind of hard to squeeze in time to de-stress here :G
DarkRazor writes...
at 9:37:46am on 9/21/09
Yeah definitely. nowadays very few SG people play ffr.
ktkr writes...
at 8:44:43am on 1/31/09
hey what's up lol.
DarkRazor writes...
at 11:04:49am on 12/8/08
omglol, looks like I finally found a Singaporean player that actually plays ffr actively, lol
NekoGon writes...
at 3:28:49am on 9/7/08
Lol no I suck bad at O2Jam now I haven't played it in like 2 months D: and good luck raping FFR lol go play all the songs :p
Paralit writes...
at 11:02:06am on 9/6/08
Naw, you're like way proer even though I played longer :P
NekoGon writes...
at 3:56:35am on 9/6/08
Yeah same, spent money on lots of random rings too, and btw you're still strong lol
Paralit writes...
at 7:26:21am on 9/5/08
Haha yeah XD A pity it got closed down =(, I spent tons of money on songs
NekoGon writes...
at 12:48:49pm on 9/3/08
Lol you're that dude from mO2Jam aren't ya
Synthlight writes...
at 10:44:20am on 6/5/04
First person to post on your wall.