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As a child i was Crippled in a Super Soaker/ Slip n Slide Incident that left me unable to use any part of my body but my fingers.. After years of searching for Finger related sports and failing miserably i found FFR, Shortly after that I was cloned into a Jesse V2.0... Basically a Beta version of myself. I have 162 Children all named after famous plumbers. Every full moon I transform into a Gundam to seek revenge on my Ex-Mexican-Gardener, Jose! Who Came in the night to steal my prize winning Cactus, I feel obliged too add that I'm actually very short To scale I'm 2ft8inches and weigh around 13 kg's. Which makes it increasingly troublesome to Handglide. Sometimes in the I like to go riding on my Curb jumping ghetto sled around town to annoy the folk, which from time to time angers my dad Mr Benedict or as you guys refer to him *The Pope*. It's not easy living under the rules of the pope. So when I was able, I ran away and Found myself living with Charlie Sheen, untill of course he told me my face was going to melt.
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Posted on: May 3, 2011, at 06:55:12pm   [1 comment]

<3 if they made a stepfile for this
Posted on: April 21, 2011, at 08:12:51pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: March 18, 2011, at 03:18:17am   [1 comment]

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BethanyBangs writes...
at 12:17:17pm on 7/22/11
surfer01girl writes...
at 9:47:04am on 7/21/11
Aww! That sounds awful D: If my laptop had an untimely death i'd be sad too.
I'll definitely be on later, I feel like trying some new picture ideas out and i'll be uploading a while :D.
See ya Archie.
surfer01girl writes...
at 10:59:04pm on 7/13/11
D: Right when I sign on AIM, you signed off. I had crazy news.
surfer01girl writes...
at 11:03:37am on 5/22/11
Secretly change it :D
Or that could be your alias haha.
surfer01girl writes...
at 7:14:20pm on 5/18/11
I still think your middle name should be Seven >_>
poochieCREAM writes...
at 4:40:17pm on 5/17/11
how tha fuck a'ya
poochieCREAM writes...
at 4:39:55pm on 5/17/11
poochieCREAM writes...
at 4:39:45pm on 5/17/11
poochieCREAM writes...
at 4:39:35pm on 5/17/11
xxbreaddxx writes...
at 10:08:00am on 5/14/11
OI MATE! ive been good. how about YOU?(;
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