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I'm Jess. 22. Possibly making a comeback in the near future.
Music, sleep, WoW, books, my boyfriend
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It depends on my mood. I like a little bit of mostly everything.
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There's so many.. D:
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Posted on: June 8, 2013, at 02:55:39pm   [6 comments]
I was reading through some old comments and conversations that I had with friends on here and suffered a serious "wow time really does fly and I'm not getting younger" moment. It felt like I had those conversations just the other day... then I noticed they were from '09. x__x Four years ago already?! I've been a member for almost 7 years?! Where does the time go? D:
Posted on: October 16, 2010, at 04:29:13pm   [9 comments]
I missed you, FFR!! <3

Oh dear god, I've barely played since the site went down. I suck. x_x
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DarkReign writes at 10:39:33am on 2/18/15
I play using A and S for left and down, and the arrows up and right for the rest. I started in the other genres at X2 speed and FC'd another 20 or so songs.
DarkReign writes at 5:05:13am on 2/9/15
Sheeeit, I ain't gonna catch up, that's a fairy tale. I doubt I'll get too many more. I think the highest difficulty I've done decent at, was around 23. Meow. I never claimed to be good, but I did crawl my way to the 6,087 rank I've managed :p
DarkReign writes at 10:18:23pm on 2/8/15
I need 597 more FC's to catch up with you >.< Got most of them this weekend lol
DarkReign writes at 9:54:52pm on 2/7/15
I hate winter period. I love springtime
DarkReign writes at 6:46:49pm on 1/30/15
Kentucky has just god-awful back and forth weather. One day it's snowing, the next it's 80 degrees. Makes no sense to this guy.
DarkReign writes at 3:23:45pm on 1/29/15
It's all good. I saw the news. Are you ok?
DarkReign writes at 4:25:04pm on 1/3/15
Nice :) I've been moving my house into storage since I didn't get the job. Can't afford my house so gotta figure that out too.
DarkReign writes at 8:12:40pm on 12/27/14
It was alright. You?
DarkReign writes at 12:02:58am on 12/26/14
Nevermind, lol I'm an idiot. Browser was zoomed in 120%
Stalk me? I done blowed your wall up.
DarkReign writes at 11:54:25pm on 12/25/14
So I decides to revamp my profile on here, but for some reason my name, stats and avatar are shoved off screen so the whole thing is tweaked and looks weird. Any advice?