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I'm Jess. 22. Possibly making a comeback in the near future.
Music, sleep, WoW, books, my boyfriend
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It depends on my mood. I like a little bit of mostly everything.
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There's so many.. D:
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Posted on: June 8, 2013, at 02:55:39pm   [6 comments]
I was reading through some old comments and conversations that I had with friends on here and suffered a serious "wow time really does fly and I'm not getting younger" moment. It felt like I had those conversations just the other day... then I noticed they were from '09. x__x Four years ago already?! I've been a member for almost 7 years?! Where does the time go? D:
Posted on: October 16, 2010, at 04:29:13pm   [9 comments]
I missed you, FFR!! <3

Oh dear god, I've barely played since the site went down. I suck. x_x
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rsr2 writes at 3:30:32am on 5/17/15
DarkReign writes at 10:39:33am on 2/18/15
I play using A and S for left and down, and the arrows up and right for the rest. I started in the other genres at X2 speed and FC'd another 20 or so songs.
DarkReign writes at 5:05:13am on 2/9/15
Sheeeit, I ain't gonna catch up, that's a fairy tale. I doubt I'll get too many more. I think the highest difficulty I've done decent at, was around 23. Meow. I never claimed to be good, but I did crawl my way to the 6,087 rank I've managed :p
DarkReign writes at 10:18:23pm on 2/8/15
I need 597 more FC's to catch up with you >.< Got most of them this weekend lol
DarkReign writes at 9:54:52pm on 2/7/15
I hate winter period. I love springtime
DarkReign writes at 6:46:49pm on 1/30/15
Kentucky has just god-awful back and forth weather. One day it's snowing, the next it's 80 degrees. Makes no sense to this guy.
DarkReign writes at 3:23:45pm on 1/29/15
It's all good. I saw the news. Are you ok?
DarkReign writes at 4:25:04pm on 1/3/15
Nice :) I've been moving my house into storage since I didn't get the job. Can't afford my house so gotta figure that out too.
DarkReign writes at 8:12:40pm on 12/27/14
It was alright. You?
DarkReign writes at 12:02:58am on 12/26/14
Nevermind, lol I'm an idiot. Browser was zoomed in 120%
Stalk me? I done blowed your wall up.