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Girlfriend. Halo 2.
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Grindcore. Hardcore. Death Metal.
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Good band<3
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Comment wall
newby214 writes...
at 10:25:49am on 4/7/07
in my pics u commented that i look different in every pic but there all me except they were pics for like 1 yea ago 2 years ago so yea there all me, man
d3ad. writes...
at 12:24:39am on 4/6/07
i will
skarie_fairie writes...
at 11:24:47pm on 4/5/07
yea I use my brothers account

if you send it now through the weekend
I'll add you on monday cuz im at ma dads
so how much money id it for one x-box live account?
i forgot
skarie_fairie writes...
at 11:17:21pm on 4/5/07
what's ur Gamer Tag?
I'll add you when I can
skarie_fairie writes...
at 11:13:30pm on 4/5/07
you play Halo?

Do you have X-box live with a 360?
skippy_bubble writes...
at 11:11:11pm on 4/5/07
ees cute!

zero dee zero
skippy_bubble writes...
at 11:01:54pm on 4/5/07
ha ha I love ur picture thing ^^
it makes me smile
yugioh12345678910 writes...
at 3:51:30pm on 4/5/07
cute avatar
FRANKKK writes...
at 8:36:01pm on 4/4/07
haha wow your luckyy
i hate the snow here.
the only good thing is snowboarding haha =p
FRANKKK writes...
at 8:29:52pm on 4/4/07
haha, well do you get snow there?
we had like a record this year..
10 feet, no lie :p
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