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Travis_Flesher writes at 11:57:02pm on 5/9/17
thank you for profile vote
Dolletta writes at 7:58:26pm on 4/14/17
Oh gosh, thank you! I adore your avatar, it's perfect *-*
sskyle227 writes at 6:04:13am on 4/13/17
Thanks man,i work so hard on lvl 40s-60s songs! It's super hard now that i cant AAAs anythin XD, but i will keep it going! Let's reach it to 1000 AAAs! =D
Sanjixcon writes at 11:52:59pm on 4/9/17
heyy thanks man appreciate =) has been a goal for a long time xD
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 6:07:38pm on 4/9/17
Congrats on 800 AAAs! It only gets tougher from here! lol
Snupeh writes at 12:48:02pm on 4/9/17
Hi friend! >_^
evil smoke writes at 12:13:06am on 4/9/17
GoldknightX writes at 1:02:06am on 11/19/13
It has happened at long last :D
GoldknightX writes at 6:31:56pm on 11/15/13
Don't know when the next time will be that we will meet on steam @@. So I will post this here instead, but I finally got another 70 AAA on Blue-Violet! This game is intimidating but its not as bad as it seems when you cut to the core of it. I could have plenty of AAAs over 70 but I just hold myself back mentally I can feel it.
fenderg writes at 1:39:12am on 9/14/13
thanks for the vote