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GoldknightX writes at 1:02:06am on 11/19/13
It has happened at long last :D
GoldknightX writes at 6:31:56pm on 11/15/13
Don't know when the next time will be that we will meet on steam @@. So I will post this here instead, but I finally got another 70 AAA on Blue-Violet! This game is intimidating but its not as bad as it seems when you cut to the core of it. I could have plenty of AAAs over 70 but I just hold myself back mentally I can feel it.
fenderg writes at 1:39:12am on 9/14/13
thanks for the vote
axith writes at 1:00:28am on 7/25/13
Good games tonight. I got disconnected. I'm getting internet from a random network that isn't alaways reliable. Hope you have a good night.
GoldknightX writes at 7:34:36pm on 2/10/13
I have officially gotten AAA on every difficulty 1-60 (yes, including 60) and I'm working on 61-65 now, which will very challenging. You should come back to this wonderful (and maddening) game XD.
GoldknightX writes at 4:27:29pm on 1/21/13
FINALLY got AAA on Pork 'n Beans, and now I have officially have conquered every song 50 difficulty and under XD.
GoldknightX writes at 1:26:40pm on 12/4/12
Get off teh Doom and Sonic games and play ffr again damn it! You could have so many more AAAs, and tier points too!
GoldknightX writes at 3:13:12am on 11/5/12
Yes Oni, take back the bribe Preggers gave you, Planet Karma is a cool song yo :p.
Btw FFR is kicking my ass now, especially on songs I'm trying to get tier points on..god damn Vivace and Relentless Exhaustion ><
MrPreggers writes at 3:00:35pm on 11/1/12
you only needed 30k? :p you can keep that 30k if you'd like
oody453 writes at 6:45:27pm on 7/4/12
yeah i missed the last one:( but yeah,The Legends of Korra is awesome!!!