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Hi, I'm Leda. People say it's a strange name but it's just how you pronounce my name in Russian. o.o; Umm, I'm also horrible at starting convo's, so I'm basically boring to talk to. o-o;
Pie. O_O
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Kyran writes...
at 12:24:49am on 9/23/08
im fine u it looks like that u have a cool name^^
SD_dk writes...
at 1:24:58am on 9/22/08
yea lol yea im bored too lolz just on ffr to talk and meet new people make friends really lolz
SD_dk writes...
at 1:12:00am on 9/22/08
whoa...really you know someone else name Cy...lol yea so how's ur night...really dang i just started not to long ago myself well i had an account for a year i think but i never played it entil almost 3 months ago now..somehow i've grown to likin it...like a rabit and its carrots xD lol
SD_dk writes...
at 12:56:24am on 9/22/08
sorry dont know me but just meeting new people and makin new friend i saw ur playback ur pretty good for lvl 1 how long you been play?? just curious lol yea well anyway like the name...its kewl.. but idt its strange i think its kewl and my name is strange lolz yea well name is Cy btw lol
Kyran writes...
at 12:30:37am on 9/22/08
im kyran... u^^
Kyran writes...
at 12:25:45am on 9/22/08
k u didnt tell bout yourself... can i ASK???
Kyran writes...
at 12:15:57am on 9/22/08
hi ... wanna become friendz??
linkiscooltomorrow writes...
at 8:46:07pm on 9/18/08
sups, noob!:) welcome to the best site in the world
death KO KID writes...
at 8:02:45pm on 9/18/08
welcome two FFR kid ask any thing like A ? let me know i can help you out okay
shini-gama writes...
at 7:58:04pm on 9/18/08
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