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Break The Speed Limit.
Not much.
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End Of Evangelion
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DossarLX ODI writes at 7:32:37am on 10/2/18
Fallout 2 had amazing dialogue.
DossarLX ODI writes at 7:31:50am on 10/2/18
"Oh, wise guy huh? Let's see how smart you feel with internal security all over your frickin' ass." -- Enclave
xXOpkillerXx writes at 11:15:35am on 8/24/18
Thanks for the explanation on the news bias thread. Much more thorough~
the sun fan writes at 8:42:13am on 7/30/18
also, you got a discord?
the sun fan writes at 6:43:04am on 7/24/18
When the current game ends, instead of a turbo (or maybe in addition to a turbo), I'll put up a jTWG
the sun fan writes at 5:08:18pm on 7/23/18
would you be interested in playing in a TWG game aimed specifically at new players?
I know you mentioned you had interest at one point and its been a while since the last jTWG was run so it kinda feels like it is maybe time to have another.
the sun fan writes at 6:28:58pm on 7/5/18
I know this was marginally at your own expense but QueenAshy calling you a child and saying not to act like you're hot shit is absolutely the post of the year in my mind
Civilization- writes at 3:41:48am on 6/2/18
n o m e
Civilization- writes at 1:55:33pm on 6/1/18
im ur biggest fan
Azpb Djbread writes at 4:57:34pm on 5/26/18
ay yo guess whos back from the dead