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Ninja Elmo

FFR Rank:32,327
FFR Average Rank:52,694
FFR Grandtotal Rank:48,615
FFR Grandtotal:182,932,220
FFR Games Played:777
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DUBSTEP:D Electronic mostly, but me gusta Rock and hardcore stuff too :D
Fav Movies:
The one with the nazi zombies
Member for: 3.74 years
Gaming Region:USA - New England
Location:Ep Dirt town, Texas, USA
Last Activity:10-07-2012
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goat6707 writes at 2:48:52am on 6/6/12
444Abel writes at 8:15:26pm on 3/25/12
Its Your Choice cX
444Abel writes at 6:30:39pm on 3/25/12
Do You Want Meh To Post A New Pick Elmo? :D
444Abel writes at 10:53:05pm on 3/23/12
Hey Talkz To Mehh D:
II_Rainbow Lover_II writes at 5:56:03pm on 2/17/12
Tell Me When I Can Go Over o:
And ,Hey I Got You Your Present <3
Mau5 writes at 5:26:29am on 2/17/12
That is awesome :D:D Haha :]
II_Rainbow Lover_II writes at 9:45:35pm on 2/16/12
Thanks, Elmo <3
And I Love Your Profile As Well !
And Tomorrow We Should Take A Picture Together c:
skitty! writes at 4:52:17pm on 2/12/12
Ohlawdyjaysus! Thank you :3
II_Rainbow Lover_II writes at 3:42:26pm on 2/12/12
Violence. c;
II_Rainbow Lover_II writes at 6:46:12pm on 2/9/12
Hey Lets Play Multiplayer ! c: