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Nikky Zherdev
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I usually don't say much, but don't mind talking and making friends.
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Brian Inc writes...
at 5:35:55pm on 1/10/19
Brian Inc writes...
at 3:07:04am on 10/21/18
u w0t
Dinglesberry writes...
at 2:47:03pm on 6/7/17
owo i remember way back when you had the cute bat girl ;3
Aciid writes...
at 3:53:36pm on 5/8/17
Also sorry for blowing up your comment wall, I just feel like alot needs to be said but there's not enough space to say it, you know?
Aciid writes...
at 3:52:36pm on 5/8/17
While it is true there is image search factors involved, I do recognize the artist's style, it was more of a case of the name of the artist being on the tip of my tongue rather than me not knowing it at all.
I spend a lot of time browsing FA, DA and Pixiv, so I see a ton of art, many styles get stored mentally, such as Shadman for example, I could pick his style out from a wall of nearly 400 random pieces, a furry artist example would be SurgicalArts(or Jon if you know him as that).
But yeah, image search was used, but I have followed kululu on FA like 2 years ago.
Aciid writes...
at 5:03:19am on 5/7/17
Also that profile, pretty sure that's some of kululu's art, very appealing visual style imho, glad you are using it as a profile picture, alot of other artists need more publicity, although I wouldn't want my own stuff to go public, I still believe that to be true.
Aciid writes...
at 1:16:58pm on 4/25/17
Yep honestly Igorrr is in the top 5 as far as electronic based music goes for me.
If you haven't you should check out him and his friends music. (the guy behind Igorrr is credited with production and some guitar on a few albums they made)
Corpo​-​Mente (free album release on bandcamp) takes a approach of mostly opera based.
Alot of Igorrr's vocals are the vocalist from Corpo-Mente, as well as her good friend (does alot of screaming) who make the duo of Öxxö Xööx, which is 69 in their own made up language (mind you EVERYTHING they do under this name is in their own langauge.)
Pretty cool group of people tbh. (sorry for blowing up your comment wall, it's my bad >.<)
808Gamer_ writes...
at 5:29:44am on 4/15/17
You seem nice c: Your page also looks cute and it's my favorite color lol. I'm also a furry :3
Synthlight writes...
at 1:50:19pm on 9/4/16
First person to post on your wall.