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Posted on: August 25, 2020, at 03:22:02pm   [4 comments]
Just a heads up that I'm likely going to retire after Monstercat

This is because of many irl things that have taken place as of recent that has put me down quite a bit, I can't even play at my usual levels anymore, and I think I should pay more attention to my life and I will spend time to sort my life out to be better, I might show up every now and again but I definitely won't be playing at my usual levels.

Of course, I will still be around on discord if you want to talk, but I'm generally not going to be on FFR much for a fair while.
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CammyGoesRawr writes at 7:40:26pm on 8/1/20
aaa more things
NightmaricDesire writes at 8:29:05am on 5/8/20
mkxc3 writes at 7:07:43am on 5/8/20
ayy 2 bil
NightmaricDesire writes at 12:51:00pm on 3/9/20
getting here before prawn does aha