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Official Tournaments - Final Thoughts
Posted on: December 20, 2011, at 09:44:34pm

The official tournament was a blast!

I was placed in D3 to begin with, but was uneasy and unsure to start. I did not think that I was D3 material in any regard. I guess you could say I was wrong.

Round 1 - Glorious Morning (AAA)

First round. I absolutely LOVED this song. I always played Age of War and could not stop listening to this when I was owning the game. When the tournament first started, I wasn't sure how I would do. I played the song a couple of times, got ~10 goods on it. Shit, I'm gonna have to step up my game. A few more tries, AAA. Woooo~ Round 2!!

Round 2 - Elegante (8-0-0-2)

Worst song of 2011 and in my top 5 least liked files overall. Sorry bmah, but I just hated it. I didn't enjoy the music after 5 plays, and the bursts were weird and stupid for my hands lol. Passed this round with something like 8-0-0-2. At this point, I'm uneasy about how far I'd get in the tournament.

Round 3 - Night Walker (AAA)

I like this song a lot, possibly one of my favorite files. All of it was easy except for that DAMN last long stream. I always dropped at least 2 goods on it haha. After some whoring, I AAA'd it, nerves and all. Woo~ Feeling more confident about this tournament!

Round 4 - Wiinter Dream (4-0-0-0)

This song was pretty fun. I think this was the song that stepped up the competition and difficulty for me and a lot of others. The ending gave me most of my goods, and the offbeat parts of the song tried to trick me a lot. Finished this with 4g clean, almost eliminated ~_~ My journey may be coming to an end...

Round 5 - Spanish

Damn. All I can say. The intro is hard to PA for me. Eventually I could AAA or BF it most times, but two of the bursts I found almost impossible to AAA at the start haha. I don't find a problem with the trill though, but I sometimes drop a good or two. I had so many mindblocks on this, including those 32nd jump-burst combinations after the trill... the best I could get on this is 10-0-0-3, which isn't bad at all for a high VC. I really liked the song, and the stepfile was well done. This is the end of my journey in the official.

11th place. I mean, holy shit 11th place in D3 out of 99 people. That's INSANE! Here I was thinking that I wouldn't do well at all - I almost came in the top 10 for my division! Whoa, apparently I'm better than I thought I was.

I had a LOT of fun in this tournament. The competition was fierce and the challenges were plentiful. Shout outs to all of my D3 opponents, including sticklydude and The_Toymaker. Talked with them regularly during the tournament and cheered 'em on. Good job you two, you're going into the top 8! Have fun with vROFL! I can't WAIT for next year when we have the next official. I might even be D4 material, who knows. T

his tourney has taught me a lot. Mainly is to never give up because good things come with time (some rounds I did not think I would even SDG... I was wrong). Also, don't cry over spilt milk - I raged a lot, and my keyboard has taken a large beating. I won't be doing that anymore. Even though it's a huge competition, it's just a game. After the computer is shut off, life resumes.

Awesome tournament this year. Thanks to everyone for rooting me on, and good luck to the top 8 for each division who'll be moving on. Again, congrats on getting that far and obtaining vROFL! Can't wait to face off against you all next time. :)