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Hi everyone. I'm amber. I'm 21 and just can't wait to make new friends. Everyone who's into MLP or is my friend is #1 in my book. All the time I go searching for new friends. I've played hard to get where I am now so I've done a lot since I joined. When I'm not playing, I'm either writing stories, chatting with friends or am somewhere else online. Friends to me are important. So also if your new to ffr or are into MLP, let's be friends.
my little pony, writing stories, friends, zombies(I have my reasons), the yu-gi-oh card game, video games, anime, mystery and horror novels, RPing, aaaand that about sums it up.
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usually heavy metal or death metal. But depends on what mood I'm in
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the expendables, insidious, harry potter series, world war z, the fast and furious series, things like that.
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Posted on: April 26, 2015, at 10:57:06pm   [0 comments]
damn. about 60% of my friends are either blocked, removed for obvious reasons or dead. now i need to find new ones to make up the difference. what to do....
Posted on: April 26, 2015, at 08:18:18pm   [2 comments]
I always like new friends. If u want to be friends with me, just say so.
Posted on: April 22, 2015, at 07:50:59pm   [0 comments]
my top 16 is incomplete because idk who to put on it. if u wish to be in my top 16, just lemme know.
Posted on: April 22, 2015, at 07:43:42pm   [13 comments]
ddrnggin and i are boyfriend/girlfriend now. im so happy i can barely contain my excitement!
Posted on: April 18, 2015, at 11:53:41pm   [0 comments]
trixie lulamoon always wasmy fav. so i thought about creatin team trixie to bring trixie lulamoon fans together.
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FFR Pro 21 writes at 8:41:28pm on 4/27/15
ROFL Haha.
FFR Pro 21 writes at 8:36:36pm on 4/27/15
LOL Nice, except I'll be 22 in 7 days. :P
mrpreggers writes at 8:20:58pm on 4/27/15
rip tipsis
mrpreggers writes at 7:38:49am on 4/27/15
mrpreggers writes at 10:48:10pm on 4/26/15
wakefulawesomegamer writes at 3:15:03pm on 4/23/15
thank you
llyair writes at 12:01:03am on 4/23/15
Hi! :) Thank you for the add :)
badman7772 writes at 11:25:56pm on 4/21/15
I'm not a "OMG MLP OMGOMG" person but at least I don't dislike those types of people. I respect everyone as long as they respect me. Kinda bad how my best friend wants me to act like Applejack for her. I find that funny actually.
badman7772 writes at 11:08:08pm on 4/21/15
Rest assured I don't do that kind of stuff. I just try to be a social goofball when necessary. :P
badman7772 writes at 10:49:52pm on 4/21/15
Yeah I'd hate that too. Not really much else to say about it.