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Posted on: August 22, 2017, at 09:24:36pm   [0 comments]
We live in a world full of noise. You can't walk 5 feet without being bombarded with the auditory stimulus. When you live in a world full of sound it easy to drown in the echoes. You can easily be lost in the chorus of monotony. I stand silently among the droves of people. The perpetuality of this world echoes throughout the waves of mindless people. I envy them, being a mindless participant in the eyes of society means no one is making you think, something I do way too much. I think myself to the point of physical pain. I think of every possible way any plan or conversation can go. You could say I plan for the worst and hope for the best, but you would be wrong. The way I look at it I plan for everything and hope for nothing. When you think about every possible situation that can occur when you say one word, you become bombarded with the possibilities. You get assaulted by the reality and are left in the dust. The aftermath of the war looks worse than the bombshell that carried news of your defeat feels. You are left there an empty shaking shell of what you once were. When you think too much you are never the caring person you used to be. Sure it looks like you care, but in reality, you are just worrying that if you do nothing everything is going to hurt you.
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