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mrpreggers writes...
at 3:00:15pm on 3/3/20
nice job
NFSCREW_Ryan_2017 writes...
at 3:38:03pm on 1/19/20
I just realized that this game does NOT have clickable links so just go to "Last 10 FFR Playback Games (Older replays)" and just watch it on there.
NFSCREW_Ryan_2017 writes...
at 3:37:16pm on 1/19/20
Ladies and gentlemen of the FFR community. I'd finally FC'd a chart I've been dying to get a FC on for I dunno how many godforsaken months now. But here it is S.S.H. - Night Walker FC - http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/profile/NFSCREW_Ryan_2017/replay/403967/
mrpreggers writes...
at 6:20:50am on 2/17/19
Very proud of you Ryan
NFSCREW_Ryan_2017 writes...
at 8:57:03pm on 10/19/16
Ladies and gentlemen of the FFR Community.
If you go to my FFR page and go to the "Last 10 FFR Playback Games (Older replays)" tab and see one of the songs that over 1,000 arrows long. Watch that and learn how I actually FC'd that on my first try
Seriously tho, no joke. Watch it
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 8:14:23pm on 10/16/16
First person to post on your wall.