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About me:
Hi im anthony <br /> I think scooby doo is amazing<br /> i Love to eat food :]<br /> Im a big Pokemon Fan <33<br /> kingdom hearts and final fantasy is equivalent to sex and buffalo chicken pizza <br /> I love Fuking love cartoons<br /> Im really short for my age<br /> My doods are my life and lovers idk who i whould be or look like if i havent meet them<br /> Trevor,Miek,Skysky=,april,dobby rodd,ect.<br /> I love manga<br /> I draw really good lol<br /> im a prodigy :]<br /> I love to watch Code Geass<br /> I faught in the civil war! I think i won the war..<br /> If something is purple dosent mean its grape<br /> People who complain about mashing buttons Really grind my gears Neanderthals <br /> Im mega orignial unless you beat me too the punch then ill have to kick ur ass :D<br /> i like big big fish that need a bigg <br /> The Beatles are amazing, hey jude is my favorite song <br /> lol :]<br /> Me and trevor are also unbeatable in Handball<br /> I love video games, but just rpgs and any anime game <br /> i play ddr<br /> If you really look at it beast wars and transformers are the same<br /> my style is being me <br />there is no lable for being awesome and amazing <br /> i tend not to make sense<br /> and confuse the hell out of ppl<br /> Pikachu MY fave pokemon!!<3<br /> playing pokemon at least 5 hrs a day maybe more<br /> My dreams are that of a simple guy <br /> ill be going to dutchess in spring so woo back to school <br /> Yes i want to get one of my mangas published<br /> if u hate pokemon ur dead to me<br /> ive been drawing since i was 7<br /> and i never get bored<br /> i really want to cosplay it sounds so fun <br />
well as a cat i love sushi! ^ww^ lol i play pokemon smo sm ffr (of course) final fantasy lol pwnd 1-12 lol
Fav Music:
bring me the horizon white chaple carnefex as blood runs black entering shikari silverstein underneath the gun HORSE then band iwerstledabearonce ect.
Fav Movies:
umm any miyazaki films and all the pokemon movies and kung fu panda rofl
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blow_kisses_not_coke writes...
at 4:50:48pm on 11/28/09
fun fun
blow_kisses_not_coke writes...
at 10:19:03pm on 11/26/09
not on coke not en at not taken this month sorrys
GG_Guru writes...
at 8:26:42pm on 10/8/09
yoooo whats up anthony? its been a while hasnt it
Lucmarceau writes...
at 2:02:29pm on 10/8/09
Just at work, trolling the forums, and anxiously waiting for my shift to end.
the life of a noob writes...
at 6:16:04pm on 9/20/09
haha i was bored today
the life of a noob writes...
at 8:31:06pm on 9/19/09
thumbs downs are serious buzznezzz
RMSProwler writes...
at 3:37:09pm on 9/19/09
well u lowered yourself to my level by downvoting me back. Hence you're lower than me because you lied by saying you didn't stoop to my level when you did.
NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 1:16:45pm on 9/19/09
thats hxc(:
im excited.
i havent seen them yet
never really got the chance.
RMSProwler writes...
at 12:17:26pm on 9/19/09
calm down man just a vote
NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 11:52:20am on 9/19/09
bring me the horizon!
im going to see them tmrw(:
excellent music choice
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