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I'm bad at games.
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Posted on: July 4, 2020, at 12:18:32am   [1 comment]
still pissed i missed 12th official but i would've been destroyed regardless so here we are. all i want is top 8 after my crushing 9th place finish in 10th official.

D6: kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!! ~ (3-0-0-0)
kept nailing the jacks and trill and then dumping like 7 goods and 2 misses in the other stuff first several days of this round. all 3 goods this time were in the dumb minijack/trill bit but i managed a AAA on the actual fun part of the file so i'm more than satisfied with this.

D1: Jump Up Superstar! (TLT Remix) ~ (AAA)
D2: Darkside ~ (AAA)
D3: Rain (Astronaut) ~ (AAA)
D5: Rendezvouz ~ (AAA)
D7: Inferno of Formalhaut ~ (15-0-1-0) (this was a pretty nuts sightread that I haven't been able to come close to replicating, but trill consistency is key here. stupid fun file nonetheless and will probably play this pretty regularly in the future)
D8: G e n g a o z o ~ (141-11-59-17) (these stream trill transitions... wreck me)

D6: Raspberry Railgun ~ 7-0-2-2
this file is fucking hard and even getting this score took some WORK!!! my first several runs were plagued by misses that i worked down over the round, and not choking a ton on the ending was key to scoring somewhat decently on this (while also having a v clean first 1100 or so notes)

D1: Embrace ~ (AAA)
D2: Child Protective Services Theme Song (Standard) ~ (AAA) (weird file but this is one of my fav NDAD songs in the game so no major complaints)
D3: Cheeseburger ~ (AAA)
D5: Sunset Sky Garden ~ (1-0-0-0) (doable but the length and consistent swing patterns made this a p tricky AAA that i'll just get when cleaning level ranks, fun file regardless)
D7: The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix) ~ (27-3-13-7)
D8: Brrrreeed Cicadididi ~ (203-6-40-14) (both this and the d7 file are v improvable but I didn't spend much time with them this round to focus on Raspberry Railgun.)
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