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FFR Rank:11,391
FFR Grandtotal Rank:27,486
FFR Grandtotal:320,275,890
FFR Games Played:171
FFR Multiplayer Level:24
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Josemba writes at 5:02:38pm on 1/28/15
Baila prigers, Baila
_Zenith_ writes at 1:24:04pm on 1/28/15
bro just to let you know, you'll have to remove that long ass RT, no way that I can make this large of a profile without it going over filesize lmao
Mike Weedmark writes at 8:44:35am on 1/28/15
Kawaii025 writes at 11:19:15pm on 1/24/15
Carletoxflag writes at 10:13:03pm on 1/24/15
Stalking preggers~
_Zenith_ writes at 6:39:22pm on 1/22/15
Was helping him with his profile :p
Josemba writes at 10:34:47pm on 1/21/15
Comete un pan
CDCan writes at 6:10:45pm on 1/21/15
Starlight562 writes at 12:59:52pm on 1/21/15
I miss you. :^(
CDCan writes at 6:13:18pm on 1/20/15
if you could do da do do what would you do?