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Posted on: February 18, 2018, at 01:31:20pm   [0 comments]
Division 1 - Novice

- All those who have not developed the consistency and reading speed for Division 2
- Up to and including single digit goods on mid/high 20's

Division 2 - Intermediate

- Difficulty 27+ AAA
- Single digit goods on low/mid-30's

Division 3 - Advanced

- Difficulty 50+ AAA (unlock requirement for Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy] token)
- Single digit goods on high-50's

Division 4 - Expert

- Difficulty 60+ AAA (unlock requirement for St. Scarhand [Standard] token)
- Single digit goods on high-60's

Division 5 - Master

- Difficulty 70+ AAA (unlock requirement for Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] token)
- Single digit goods on high-70's, low 80's

Division 6 - Guru

- Difficulty 85+ AAA (unlock requirement for St. Scarhand [Heavy] token)
- Low single digit goods on high 80's

Division 7 - Legendary

- Difficulty 95+ AAA (unlock requirement for OWA Raged at Home Run Derby token)
- Low single digit goods on high 90's

Raw good conversion

- Boo is 0.2 goods
- Average is 1.8 goods
- Miss is 2.4 goods

Vertex BETA vrofl

Literally intended to be a joke. An April fools joke. Not a real file and had no intention of ever being fun. If you're still set on acquiring the token you have 3 ways about doing that:

- 1 billion points within a single day
- Accumulating 50 billion points total
- 8th place or better during an official tournament

Where can I find a good program for creating simfiles?

Not on Stepmania. Try these links below:

- DDReamStudio
- ArrowVortex
Posted on: October 15, 2017, at 05:32:08am   [9 comments]